I can’t believe that it has been 12 years since I started Coachella Valley Weekly. Back at the beginning I was just a woman with an idea and a lot of determination. I jumped in with both feet and I never looked back. I’m proud to say that (in the words of the late great BB Ingle) we have never missed an issue even through the pandemic when we had to be online only.

Phil and I didn’t do this alone. We’ve had an amazing group of individuals that we like to refer to as “Team CV Weekly”. We would like to thank all of them from our Art Director Robert Chance, Website Manager Bobby Taffolla, Distribution Manager Billy Westley, Head Feature Writer Crystal Harrell and all of our feature writers and columnists who are listed on this page to the left and that have quotes below. And we want to thank our Computer columnist Dennis Shelley, who passed away earlier this year.

We would also like to thank all our advertisers. The ones that have been with us from the beginning as well as our new clients and those to come. We couldn’t keep doing this without you.

We would also like to thank all our readers out there that give a reason to keep doing this.


We look forward to continuing to serve this Valley for another 12 years. – Tracy Dietlin/Owner/Publisher and Phil Lacombe Editor

Here we are at year 12 of the CV Weekly publication and we’re still keeping the presses rolling and the pages flipping. It has been an amazing journey so far, traversing through many challenging obstacles but also reaching some remarkable goals. All thanks to an amazing team of writers, artists, photographers, sales people, and distributors, who are all together orchestrated by a diligent and courageous leader. I have witnessed the great Tracy Dietlin put her heart, soul and literal health into this endeavor and overcome some extremely difficult odds guiding us through pestilence, famine, and plague. And Phil, I commend you brother for being by her side the entire way, and taking the helm when you were needed most. I love you guys and this family. Let’s keep on crushing keyboards and slinging syllables! – Robert Chance/Art Director

I started writing for Coachella Valley Weekly in 2019, and in the five years serving as Head Feature Writer, I’ve been exposed to the wonderful events that our desert has to offer and the talented individuals that weave the artistic tapestry of our cultural community. Whether through art, music, fashion, hospitality, entrepreneurship, or small business development, I’ve been so thankful to document what makes our Coachella Valley special. I want to thank Phil and Tracy, for giving a young journalism major straight out of college a chance to put her name on a publication that means so much to the desert’s artistic community–and in turn, acted as a catalyst to my professional growth within my hometown. I am forever grateful for the stories I’ve shared and the opportunities I’ve gotten to experience. Without Coachella Valley Weekly, I probably wouldn’t have met my husband, I might not have wanted to continue to pursue print journalism, and I wouldn’t be nearly as risk-taking as I am today. Because writing for this publication has not only expanded my view of the community I grew up in, but constantly feeds my curiosity and fascination with how it continues to evolve over the years. And Coachella Valley Weekly has been there through it all. You are forever a role model and fairy godmother to me, Tracy Dietlin! Happy 12 years, CV Weekly! – Crystal Harrell/Head Feature Writer

Happy 12th Anniversary, CV Weekly! I am truly grateful to be part of this team and FAMILY! Through the highs and lows you found light and HOT DAMN, the future looks bright! Cheers PHACY! – Bobby Taffolla/Website Manager

It’s my joy to write for this wonderful local magazine since it was launched 12 years ago!  Tracy and Phil and the Coachella Valley Weekly Magazine exemplify the spirit of the Coachella Valley. The music, the friendliness, the fabulous entertainment and restaurants, the charity events, legal advice, and so much more.

I am grateful for the opportunity to write my Pet Place column!  It has expanded to include a second page listing local animal shelters and rescues along with photos of homeless animals in need of adoption.  Occasionally they suggest a topic, but they have never censored me.  Countless homeless dogs and cats are in loving homes thanks to the Pet Place column.  One article featured the longest-term resident, Chrissy, at the San Bernardino County shelter at Devore, a local couple read about this Shepherd now “urgent” in CVW in the waiting room at America’s Tire…. when they got a new tire they drove to San Bernardino to give Chrissy a second chance home. Topics range from “Dogs Detecting Cancer” (and one about rats doing the same thing!) to “Training Tips for Puppies”.

Tracy and Phil are fellow animal lovers, and their happy adoption of Loving All Animals rescue cat Draven was featured in a Pet Place column.  Their daughter and her family were featured when they adopted a cat from the Riverside County shelter in Thousand Palms.  They know RESCUE DOGS & CAT ROCK!

This inspiring and creative couple brings us together in so many ways. The Coachella Valley Music Awards, the event for The Most Interesting Men & Women in the Coachella Valley, and CVW Anniversary Events and the magazine itself create camaraderie and make our Valley a better place!

Thank you Tracy & Phil!  You are a loving team and an example of entrepreneurship at its finest. - Janet McAfee/Pet Columnist

It is nothing short of incredible to see what Tracy and Phil have created over the last 12 years with CV Weekly. Tracy not only created a much-needed weekly publication here in the desert, but she created a community that we will treasure forever. It’s been a great honor to be part of the CV Weekly family throughout the years. I can’t wait to see how CV Weekly continues to grow. Love you, Tracy and Phil! – Marissa Willman/Writer

“Tracy is one of the most incredible people I know. I admire her on so many levels. She has suffered so many major challenges, especially with her health, and taken it head-on! She is an Overcomer, a beautiful, courageous woman with spunk. I am honored to be a part of her team.” – Michelle McLaughlin/Keto Columnist

A heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity to be a contributing writer and photographer for the CV Weekly. As we celebrate the 12th anniversary of this remarkable publication, I am filled with gratitude and excitement for the years to come as a part of this incredible team.

Being a contributing writer and photographer for the CV Weekly has been an absolute joy. It has allowed me to showcase my passion for storytelling and capturing moments through the lens. I am grateful for the platform this publication has provided me to share my work with our readers and contribute to the vibrant cultural landscape of our community.

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations on reaching 12 years. It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire CV Weekly team. Thank you for creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth. It is an honor to be a part of this great team, and I look forward to many more years of capturing and sharing the stories that matter.

Happy 12th anniversary to the CV Weekly, and here’s to many more! – Lynne Tucker/Travel Writer

“CV WEEKLY is a reliable, well written and well distributed weekly publication within the Coachella Valley, that distributes 30,000 printed copies weekly and over 18,000 Online copies, as well as 6,500 email blast copies weekly. This newspaper has so many interesting articles covering a wide range of subjects and issues happening and affecting our Valley.” – Madeline Zuckerman/Society Scene Columnist

It’s both easy and hard to believe that Coachella Valley Weekly has been in print for 12 years now. Easy because time flies (especially when you’re elderly, which I officially am now).
Hard to believe because most print media on the decline. Every day my L.A. Times gets
thinner and smaller.

But the Coachella Valley Weekly is still here mostly because Tracy and Phil put their
heart and soul into every edition. They have been kind enough to allow me to share my hypercritical Bitch Goddess opinions about music, pop culture and whatever else earns my undying love or enmity since the very beginning, and I am forever grateful.

I know this last year has been especially challenging for them both, but with the able assistance of Robert Chance and Robert Taffolla they have persevered. There have been some pale (albeit glossier) imitations, but Coachella Valley Weekly has consistently championed desert musicians and local entertainment.

I think this was supposed to be a brief salutation, but what can I tell you, I’m long-winded about people I love. Tracy and Phil, Bobby and Chauncey (Chance) and the rest of their talented staff, savor this milestone, and enjoy a rare, sarcasm-free mash note from your favorite writer! – Eleni Austin/Consider This Music Columnist

What an honor to be part of the Coachella Valley Weekly team. First and foremost, Tracy and Phil have become like family to me. Thank you! That in itself means so much to me. To have the ability to write fire and life safety articles is extremely important to me. In my profession, not a day goes by that I see a tragic event that I wonder “could this have been prevented if they were educated in what and what not to do.” As a good friend says, “If it’s predictable, it’s preventable.” I appreciate it when people comment on articles that were published and they were appreciative as they were not aware. Education is key to prevention!

Lastly, with so many great places, people, food, and entertainment in the Coachella Valley, having the ability to share my experiences means a lot. After-all, we are “Community in the Coachella Valley.” I appreciate the ability to support the special people and events here! Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna/Safety Columnist

HAPPY 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO THE CV WEEKLY! During that time, I have written over 1000 Legal Columns to educate the CV on the Law, as you educated our readers on what is happening “around town”. Here’s to a dozen more years. – Dale Gribow/Attorney at Law

Coachella Valley Weekly keeps their finger on the pulse here in the valley. They bring the news of what’s happening behind the scenes to the foreground with steadfast reliability. I am grateful to be affiliated with this publication. –  Aimee Mosco/Swag for the Soul Columnist