By Patte Purcell

I want to take this opportunity to thank Tracy Dietlin and Phil Lacombe for supporting jazz in the desert. Last year they added the jazz category to the Coachella Valley Music Awards and it’s helped put jazz artists in the spotlight. I thought I’d do a brief bio on each of the nominees in case you aren’t familiar with them.

The Jazz awards show will be held at Big Rock Pub on Thursday June 1 from 7-10 Pm. Some of the nominees will be performing.

Slim Man

Last years ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ was Slim Man a recording artist originally from the east coast but now living in the desert for the last couple of years. Slim Man has been nominated again this year. His sultry voice (some call him the male Sade), romantic compositions and unique persona make him a stand out in the desert. 13 CDs and counting, he just introduced a CD of standards that will delight the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin fans.


Find out why Barbara Sinatra said “You’re good, kid” and asked for an encore, and why Clive Davis requested him for his private birthday party.  He’s also starting a podcast, has a great Italian cook book and writes one heck of a newsletter. Slim Man rocks!

Keisha D

One of the hottest jazz singers in Palm Springs is Keisha D. She can hit a high note reminiscent of Barbara Streisand and her entertaining skills are dazzling.  Keisha now has her own Saturday night show Juke Joint at ‘Dish’ a speakeasy starting at 9:30 on Saturday nights. She’s packing them in. She’s also at the Hoo Doo at the Hyatt in Palm Springs every Friday night from 7-10.

Her talents also include acting and she is a featured regular in the female impersonator shows in Palm Springs, as well as performing in plays and other entertainment. Keisha D has performed in a number of our Celebrity Jazz Jams and caught the ear of a very famous producer who has some big plans for her. We are excited to see where this next year takes Keisha.

Frank Di Salvo

Frank Di Salvo is one of the deserts favorites. His standards are reminiscent of Frank Sinatra, he even looks like Frank! Frank’s show is firmly entrenched in his namesake club “Frank’s Place” at the Indian Wells Resort. Frank showmanship and versatility make his a ‘must see’ show when you’re in the desert.

Rose Mallett

Rose Mallett is one of the deserts favorites. Her jazzy bluesy style has made her shows uber popular. She has her own show at the Purple Room on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 9:30. She’s also a regular at Woody’s Palm House in Palm Springs on Friday from 6:30 to 10:30. She’s at Vicky’s of Sante Fe on Saturdays. Her stylish wardrobe and accessories compliment this true professional. Don’t miss this show!

John Stanley King

John Stanley King is one of the icons of the deserts. His ‘jazz’ encompasses an acoustic style. He combines his originals with offbeat selections of covers. He plays at Vicky’s of Sante Fe every Sunday and Friday and Thursdays at Blue Ember. John and his brother Ronnie King are receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the CV Music Awards this year. He has won numerous CV Music Awards in the past.

Trish Hatley

Newcomer Trish Hatley is also nominated. While I must admit I’m not familiar with her, I did a little research and found some great videos of a beautiful and talented lady. I’ll be following up with a story on her.

Next week I’ll be doing a piece on the Jazz Instrumentalist category. There are 2 shows this year for the CVMA’s. Thursday, June 1 at Big Rock and Sunday, June 4 at The Riviera. Tickets are $25.00 and get you into both shows. Call 760-501-6228 for tickets.