Growing up on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Dave Acosta knew he loved music so much that at the age of 12 he tried to get a job at local radio station. Although he was told by the program director he was too young, Dave did not let that dampen his enthusiasm for music. He began making cassette tapes of songs he heard on the radio for family and friends, making sure the songs had smooth segue and sounded like they were professionally recorded.
At the age of 16, Dave’s family moved to Los Angeles. Like most teenagers, Dave liked playing video games and hanging out at the beach but knew he needed to satisfy his passion for music. In the earl y 90’s, Dave would get his first taste of getting paid for playing music when he secured a job as a happy hour DJ at local nightclub called, Bentley’s , in Santa Monica. “I would stay after my shift and hang with the main DJ to learn to mix until I was able to fill in for him on his nights off,” recalls Dave.
Still needing to satisfy his yearning to be on the radio, Dave enrolled himself at the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, CA. After graduating, Dave was hired as an intern for the morning show at 1290 KMEN, in Riverside, CA. Dave was excited he go to play a lot of the oldies like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations that he grew up listening to as a young kid in Philadelphia. Eventually, Dave’s enthusiasm for the format landed him the mid show where he was able to craft his radio skills.
A few years later, Dave heard that KDES 104.7 in Palm Springs was looking for a personality to do a night-time request and dedication show. On the drive out for the interview, Dave started to fall in love with the desert and luckily got the job where he would spend the next 5 years playing what he loved the most, Oldies. Dave would eventually leave the desert to work at a radio station in Anaheim for a short time only to return to KDES after getting a phone call from the GM asking if he was interested in coming back. It was during this time Dave started his own mobile DJ company called: Five Star Mobile music.
Dave later moved to the Eagle 106.9 in Palm Springs where he would work until 2007 at which point he decided to move to Ohio and get a change of scenery. The move was not what Dave had anticipated which led to him moving back to the Coachella Valley in 2010. Dave took a job selling cell phones but knew it was not what he wanted as he asserted, “I believe once you’re in radio or a DJ it’s in your blood, no matter how hard you try to get a “real job” it just doesn’t work.”
A few months ago, Dave heard there was a new station playing the music he loves and grew up listing to as a young boy in Philadelphia. That station is Jammin 99.5, which plays the best in Old School and R & B. Dave knew one of the other radio personalities at the station who got him an interview and was called back that day and offered the morning, weekdays from 6am to 10am. This was the opportunity Dave had been waiting for which would give him the platform to showcase his upbeat personality and love for the oldies. Due to his dedication and knowledge of the business, Dave has recently been promoted to production director in addition to his on-air shifts.
When he is not playing his favorite Old School artist on the radio, Dave confesses that he enjoys singing their songs at local karaoke bars. Dave also would like to get back out and start up his mobile DJ business as well. If you would like to contact Dave Acosta, you can e-mail him at:

Written By: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 880-3848


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