Photographer & Author

By Lynne Tucker

David is a retired photojournalist based on the English south coast with over 20 years of experience, providing words and images to local and international periodicals. He has been a photographer since his early 20s.

Because of a disability with a degenerative spinal condition he had to stop with wildlife and event photography and find another genre. David took to street photography like the proverbial duck to water, he stopped photographing those as well.

On a grey day in front of a church graveyard he met two homeless men, Merlin and Bowler, one a down and out alcoholic, the other a man who decided 40 years ago that living in a house was not for him and he has lived on the streets ever since.


These men inspired David to seek out more stories and more ‘street-people’ to photograph and chat with. Each had a different tale, many were homeless because of mental illness and or addiction, some, such as Bowler choosing his lifestyle.

Over the last four years David has taken portraits and stories and compiled them into PORTRAITS OF THE FORGOTTEN, a collection of 130 monochrome images and commentary with many of these images. Portraits of the Forgotten is so titled because of the way that within moments of walking past these isolated men and women, people forget them, many are forgotten by the system, their families and in many cases the armed services that they served with.

David lives in Cornwall and now that lockdown is lifted, he will once again be out talking to the homeless and street people and taking portraits of these amazing and troubled folk.

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