By DeAnn Lubell

Photo credit: Taylor Sherrill of Sherrill & Associates, Inc.

I have known Narendra Patel for many years.  Our first encounter was when I profiled him for a Desert Sun feature on local architecture.  We become fast friends and have remained so to this day.  I was mesmerized by his sense of design.  His acclaimed architecturally designed estate homes in the Coachella Valley, nationwide, and worldwide have earned him numerous prestigious awards.  Narendra is also a very accomplished artist and jewelry designer.  I am the proud owner of a few of his jewelry pieces.  The magnificent colors and designs in all his artwork are vast and far-reaching reflecting ionized gasses, seductive pinks, and celestial blues.

About his creations, Narendra said, “they are an ode to passion and mystery.  I am endlessly curious about our universe.  My paintings are like the cosmologically inspired poems based on the premise that our universe sprang from a quantum fluctuation in the cosmic vacuum.  I study the intricacies in nature that we come across daily.  Explosion of colors, forms, light, gravity – all these things show the evolution of our Earth.  They are organic markings of the passage of time.  Maybe the viewer will relive an atmospheric memory in their relationship to nature.”


Narendra’s fluid art has become his tool to redefine invisible boundaries of energy.  Generous strokes and expressive lines are sometimes imperceptible, but they are powerfully suggestive of passion, emotions, and sensibility.

Born in India, Narendra received a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Toronto, Canada.  A protégé of the prominent midcentury architect, Donald Wexter, his designs, art, and architecture has often been described as organic, eco-friendly, and even spiritual.  He has designed ecological communities and super blacks in 30 cities in China.  His art in the past was sold to his private clients only, but now his paintings will be open for everyone to purchase and to enjoy.

To view Narendra’s works of art up close and personal please visit Solanos Bar and Grill in Palm Desert.

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