By DeAnn Lubell / Photo credit: Susan Goldberg

Ruthie Darling is known as the Princess of Rhymes.  It is of no wonder as this acclaimed and award-winning author writes in such a way to skillfully blend the elements of story, real life challenges, and education into her charming children’s books. Let there be no mistake, however, these books with their bold, colorful illustrations by Tricia Capraro and Adam Devaney, not only attract the attention of little ones, but combined along with Darling’s written words, captivate the imagination of audiences of all ages.

This former elementary school teacher has inspired many through her stories.  “Empowering children and adults through the world of children’s literature is my mission,” said Darling.

Her books include The Hole Story about nothing/zero and spatial concepts.  Miranda and Panda show how one is looking in other places and finding out that everything they need is right in front of them.  Mrs. Libra and Zoey Zebra is all about learning to accept and appreciate oneself for who you are.  Moonbeam focuses on accepting the way one is born that can apply to any age, any person, and any place in the world.  My Angel Watches Over Me is a story for anyone who feels the odds are against them, as well as those who feel the odds are in their favor.  Then there is the timeless story about caring and sharing called One’derful.  Darling’s latest creation is called The Turkey That Got Away.  Its universal message emphasizes that it is important to have wishes and dreams.  “Because if we believe, anything is possible,” said Darling.


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Special note: photos of last week’s featured artist, Narendra Patel’s were left out of the story.  Here are a few more examples of his amazing works.  (Two photos of art will be featured) 

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