By DeAnn Lubell

Photos by Anne Bedrick

Anne Bedrick transplanted herself from New York to Palm Springs, CA in the spring of 2019. She immediately immersed herself in the vibrant local art scene: opening a gallery-fronted studio space, organizing a first-Friday art walk, running critique groups, and teaching painting workshops. Additionally, Bedrick is one of four founders of the Desert Open Studios tour in the Coachella Valley, organizing more than 100 artists to open their studios to the public.

A self-taught painter, Bedrick creates complex abstract, often large-scale, compositions that are full of color. Her work is often compared to jazz music and evokes different emotional responses from viewers each time that they encounter them. She has had both solo and group exhibitions at a variety of venues across the country and her work is collected internationally.


Bedrick is the author of the interactive eBook, Choice Without Chaos and was founder and Co-President of the National Art Educators special interest group Choice-Art Educators. She has lectured nationwide, including being the keynote speaker at two events, about the value of student-directed learning and trusting individuals to know what they need.

“When I begin a painting,” said Anne, “I am playful and open to discovery, using unusual tools such as mops, squeegees, and paint brushes mounted on long dowels.  These tools help distance me from what I know how to do, to help me connect with my inner child and the wonder of watching paint move.  As an artist, I have always been fascinated by watching what is in front of me and how it can transform.  I see the ‘paint’ as my partner rather than my subordinate and try to respect what it does naturally.   I begin each piece like a kindergartner, marveling at the paint as it moves and ready to stop when something beautiful emerges.  I try to honor and preserve as much of the beginning of a painting as possible, because the raw marks are so genuine and are at the core of what the painting is. My paintings are at once a respite from your life and a challenge to it, asking you to be fully awake and aware, to see what is in front of you and to engage with it. I ask no less of myself as I create them.”

In 2020, Anne Bedrick Fine Art, Bedrick’s gallery/studio, was voted as one of three best galleries in the Coachella Valley by Palm Springs Life editors and readers. Located at 68845 Perez Road (Building H), Unit 27, Cathedral City, CA 92234, it is open Wednesday- Saturday 11-3 or by appointment. Bedrick loves to meet art lovers and speak about the work on display as well as to help collectors find the work that speaks to them and suits their home. Contact or 914-522-4127 with any inquiries.