By DeAnn Lubell

Profile photo credit: photos provided by Sally Lavinich

Sally Lavinich is often referred to as the jewelry and clothing designer for the stars and royalty.  Her clients have included the author, Anne Rice, along with actress Elizabeth Taylor and country-western singer Tanya Tucker.  Sally was commissioned to create approximately 95 pieces specially designed for Rice, who penned gothic fiction, erotic literature, and Christian literature. Rice was best known for her series of novels The Vampire Chronicles.

“Anne loved my imaginative designs, techniques, and the beautiful materials I used,” said Sally.  “She described me as profoundly gifted. Anne had so many of her fans inquiring as to who designed these pieces of art, that she created a promotional video for me and linked it to her website.”


Sally has been inspired and influenced by a most interesting life.  A life full of glamour and beauty came very naturally for this gifted Michigan born girl. She became an award-winning hairstylist shortly after completing beauty school, a fulfillment of her dreams.  She has a great eye for balance and a flair for beauty.  She loved molding and weaving the hair into fantasy designs that won her many awards.

As she followed her passion for glamour and beauty, she set her sights for the movie industry, and California was the place to be, as any young starlet would do. Her acting and musical talents were fun and exciting, but her creative talent would soon take a surprising turn.  As she started creating the most unusual accessories for her fellow actresses and friends, unexpectedly she was discovered by a large Los Angeles dress manufacturer.

This talented hobby soon became a big business as she began providing her special designer trims for several large dress manufacturers in Los Angeles.  In 1986 Lanivich was established, becoming the love of her life. This was truly a gift from God. Lanivich would continue to expand her horizons as she went on to design the most beautiful jackets, belts, jewelry, and home décor.

“I am inspired by all things beautiful that have quality and character,” said Sally.  “My designs include objects of distinction and antiquities from all around the world such as semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia, and leather. I particularly love freshwater pearls that I incorporate in many of my original designs. Fresh water pearls are the only gemstone which come from a living organism and carry the wonderful vibration of the sea. For centuries the pearl has been a symbol of power and royalty.”

Shoppers can find Sally’s extensive jewelry and vintage art-to-wear collection at The Shops on San Pablo located at 44850 San Pablo Avenue in Palm Desert, CA. A select few pieces of art jewelry are available at the Allan Pitchko Gallery Fine Art & Antiques, 73300 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260.  To find out more go to or