By Crystal Harrell

Conveniently located off the I-10 at Washington and Country Club Drive in Palm Desert, Desert Beer Company is a comfortable, casual brewery where all are welcome to come enjoy a high-quality, fresh craft beer served up by friendly and knowledgeable staff that can guide any guest through the brewing process, leading guests to their new favorite glass of beer.

Owner and brewer Devon Sanchez started Desert Beer Company in July of 2019. Not only does Sanchez brew, but he wears many hats while maintaining the operations of Desert Beer Company. He works behind the bar serving customers, handling all the office work, the website and social media platforms. Even while the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Desert Beer Company within its first year of opening, the community support was evident from the get-go.

“At that point, people didn’t really know who I was because it’s a very small company and would rarely order beer from me because at that point the business wasn’t even open for a year. It was just getting off the floor, and I was definitely fortunate that I had support from craft beer drinkers and random guests looking for something during ‘stay-at-home’. There were many locals, who didn’t even know who I was, ordering my beer over the phone or via the online portal. I would deliver the beer to them physically to their home. And so that’s how I made it through,” explained Sanchez.


Desert Beer Company has grown since then, offering memberships to customers, and priding itself on uniqueness as a brewery—especially in terms of beer.  The brewery offers over 20 beers made in-house, appealing to different styles and tastes. Desert Beer Company offers chili-infused beers, fruit-infused beers, and even beers with bourbon-oak aging. Various selections ranging from light lagers to sours to IPAs to dark ales are included on the spectrum of availability. Offering many beer styles is something Sanchez prides himself on. He wanted the brewery to provide a lot of different options to showcase the spectrum of beer.

“I enjoy trying different options as well because I get bored of drinking the same thing as with food. So the idea of me brewing different styles, it broadens my own palate and it broadens my ability by trying different styles and creating new ideas. It’s been my dream since I began brewing, making it come to fruition,” said Sanchez.

Although it is difficult for Sanchez to decide which beer is his favorite, a popular option that is exciting to make is a variation of a cream ale (a barley-corn ale). The name is “Pepino con Chile,” and it is made with the fresh juice of cucumbers, in addition to Anaheim, Serrano and Habanero peppers, added to the beer then served. The end result is very flavorful and refreshing, and has become a very popular beer at Desert Beer Company.

“We put a lot of love into it with adding those ingredients. I’m very proud of that beer just because it’s the most intensive process than any other beer we make because we take the time to add all of these fresh ingredients in it,” shared Sanchez.

Desert Beer Company will also be opening a new location in Old Town Indio around mid-2024. The second location will be called Desert Beer Company Pizza and Pints, offering food options in addition to drinks, and located at 82921 Indio Blvd.

“This new location is going to be a restaurant brewery. We’ll be offering pizza, salads, sandwiches, chicken wings and some other specialty sides. It will be an easygoing selection per say because I don’t want to make it hard to navigate the menu. The addition of ‘Pizza and Pints’ in the name is to help delineate which property is the restaurant versus the original brewery. We will offer some of the same favorites you see at my current location as well as new beer additions. And we will be offering guest drinks by draft and bottle, and wine as well,” said Sanchez.

The City of Indio began incentivizing local businesses to open in the downtown area as part of a revitalization project to breathe new life and culture into the area. The city has collaborated with local businesses to help bring their visions to life—working to bring something for everyone. Sanchez has high hopes for the new Indio location, but wants to maintain the same local reputation that the Palm Desert Desert Beer Company has garnered.

“I am very appreciative of the City of Indio and the development team there for inviting us as part of their downtown revitalization. We’re aiming to create a nice, laid-back atmosphere. This new location is going to be larger and we’re going to create an outdoor patio area to promote more for music venues, and some outdoor games. With the growth of the second location, I think that it should help with the name and get Desert Beer Company brand out there more and push for natural growth within these suburban communities,” stated Sanchez.

To learn more about the offerings and events happening at Desert Beer Company, visit the official website at