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Do you want to feel better and get in shape? Do you want to sleep better, look younger, think more positively? Do you want better libido? The answer to all the prior statements should be YES. If not, perhaps you ought to seek professional counseling.

Being healthy is not vanity. Vanity, as described by the Oxford Dictionary is: Having an excessively high opinion of one’s own attainments and qualities, or excessive desire for the praise of others. And as described in the Holy Bible: Ecclesiastes 1:2. The Hebrew word for “vanity” used in this verse literally means “vapor” or “breath.” It can also be translated “meaningless,” “emptiness,” or “futility”.


It’s a fair assessment that ancient Greeks embodied the term “vanity”. All one must do is research ancient Greek sculptures, and one is faced with a myriad of false gods,
self-absorbed and self-adoring sculptures that are enough to make anyone who thinks with their mind and not their eyes feel nauseous.

For some reason, being healthy in our modern culture is being tugged in two polarizing directions. There are those who have become obsessed [which is a mental disorder that has the ability to manifest as a physical disease], while others who struggle with health and personal appearance, condemn the concept at every opportunity.

The truth is, being healthy does not require the mental anguish and precision focus as is widely publicized by many “Get-in-shape quick!” and “This diet will help you feel and look great!” businesses promote. The companies and individuals who promote these ideals do so only to pry open your wallet to fill their gut with lavish foods and supplements and on a far more consistent basis than most will ever be able to afford.

With age we are continually exposed to pollutants – like EMF’S [electromagnetic frequencies], fuel, gases, UV, harmful processed food with additives and preservatives, and day-to-day nuisances like work, school, or the pain in the backside that doesn’t know how to drive properly, or the irritating person in-line at the grocery store checkout, who gabs away endlessly giving the impression that the entire world revolves around them. Our bodies, hormones, and general health are weakened because of it. The solution is to ensure we have the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, rest, and exercise – in perfect balance. However, life has become so hectic, foods so contaminated, and or expensive, that it is virtually impossible to do so. If only there was one source that could help put our bodies back together again, and one that accepts our health insurance.

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE is ecstatic to announce that they are now ACCEPTING INSURANCE INCLUDING MEDICARE. Yes! For the first time since their inception in the late 1990’s, the El Paseo based innovator of anti-aging and rejuvenation for the Coachella Valley is accepting insurances including MEDICARE.

Desert Longevity Institute goes beyond every conventional lab and routine blood testing that anyone would ever receive while caring for their health with a general practitioner. This permits Desert Longevity Institute to get to the root of medical concerns without playing guessing games.

Whether you are suffering from low-libido, depression, insomnia, pain, weight-loss or
weight-gain woes, can’t become pregnant or more … Desert Longevity Institute will refill your cup of health – and now with a cube of insurance.

Desert Longevity Institute prescribes natural compound products including bio-identical hormones and pharmaceutical grade supplements, which mainstream medical establishments will never do.

Book your first consultation with Desert Longevity Institute today at: 760.773.5994

Quench Your Health’s Thirst”.

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