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We have all heard the term “hiding in plain sight”. The statement is a direct reference to humans not being cognizant, nor aware enough of their surroundings, which may otherwise assist the betterment of their lives. As it pertains to the medical world, insight is often “hindsight twenty-twenty”. “If only we had taken that more extensive blood test”. “If only we hadn’t scheduled so far out and operated sooner” – and the list of medical mishaps and misdiagnosis continues.

Considering the topic of “testing”, this leads us to one of the most basic clinical routines – blood tests. This type of medical testing allows physicians to know a little more precisely about what is going on inside your human body.


For ages, we humans have had a curiosity to learn more about the things we cannot see. During the modern era, we have turned our gaze away from the physical and have focused on the unseen. All one must do is look up a TV lineup for The Discovery Channel, or any similar channels, and one finds countless television series focusing on the world of spirits, spooks, and specters.

Physicians/doctors/surgeons became a necessary part of human existence to thwart circumstances such as cuts, scrapes, gashes, and other perhaps more gruesome injuries. It is only during the last few centuries that a physician/doctor/surgeon, has become equally as engrossed by the inner mechanisms of the human body, disease, and illness. This led to the fabrication of synthetic drugs designed to assist previously discounted medical conditions. Although, drugs, as most are aware, only ever mask and never truly cure.

The beginnings of a disease or illness is not something that “leaps off the page” [so to speak] and cries, “Look at me. I’m coming at you!” No, a disease or illness can be far more elusive. It can creep up and strike with a vengeance, sometimes delivering a fatal blow that can never be put back into remission. “Hindsight is twenty-twenty”.

Despite the previous paragraph lingering an overtone of morbidity, a reassuring reality is that by employing your concentration to solving a potential disease or illness [even if its physical signs have not, and may never manifest], they can be prevented. Procuring a physician/doctor/surgeon who is likeminded to work alongside your desire for optimal health is another story altogether. This is because, much like us, they too engage in busy lives and cannot always preserve their focus and attention on your health requirements. That, or they only hold the title of “doctor” for bragging rights, and or a paycheck. Therefore, as it has been stated, and more so during the past twenty years, “you should be your own health advocate”. After all, you live within you, and given the sheer volumes of medical and health advice that is free and readily available in the public domain, you should be able to better manage your health and remain healthy. Right?

Unfortunately, as we humans have evolved, we have thus evolved, or at least attempted to evolve our planet and the natural order of things. Case in point, GMO [genetically modified organisms].

Foods that have been GMO’d have steadily flooded the food and beverage market for decades. Have you truly given thought to what goes on inside your body when you consume a
blue-colored potato chip? Perhaps you would not want to know. This is just an example. The idea behind it is that if we (you) are no longer receiving the pure nourishment from unblemished food and liquid sources as our ancestors once did [let’s say, during Biblical times], then our (your) bodies will no longer be able to function at optimal levels. Therefore, now more than ever we must be our own health advocates while working in conjunction with a medical professional who truly cares about getting to the root cause of health issues before they become greater and perhaps terminal.

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE has been a life support to Coachella Valley patients for nearly three decades. Dr. Daniel L. Johnson M.D. has at times been referred to as the “last hope doctor”. Formerly a Co-Medical Director at Eisenhower Immediate Care Centers, Dr. Johnson began witnessing first-hand pitfalls within the mainstream world of medicine and its approach to treating medical conditions. Dr. Johnson then switched his focus away from – trying to fix something after it had already happened, to – making certain the problem never gets the chance to gain a stronghold. Period.

Desert Longevity Institute is a wealth of health knowledge, hosting a myriad of pure pharmaceutical-grade products designed to combat the status quo(s) of Frankenstein foods and drugs that don’t keep feeling and looking younger, nor keep you living at your most optimal and healthiest life. With Desert Longevity Institute and Dr. Johnson in your corner helping slug those pesky free radicals, hormonal imbalances, and other nuisance health malfunctions caused and/or supported by the mainstream food and drug industry, you are certain to stand a fighting chance of living your life optimally!

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