By Noe Gutierrez

Saturday, February 18, 2019 at 9 p.m. at Tack Room Tavern marks the return of ‘Desert Reggae Residency’. In conjunction with Ronnie King Music and Coachella Valley Weekly, Desert Music brings you Mozaiq LIVE with ‘special guest’ DJ Journee of Stronghold Reggae. The show is free and open to the public. Music starts at 9 p.m.

Having hosted international artists like Rasun and Vibes Up Strong, then incorporating Desert Reggae artists such as Irie Junctions, Mikey Reyes Acoustic Movement and Higher Heights for its first two shows in 2014 and 2015, the Coachella Valley has developed into a reggae music destination. Desert Music vows to continue the pursuit of making an impression with our Desert Reggae artists.  

Coachella Valley Weekly spoke with Mozaiq lead vocalist Marc Diaz after his highly successful show at The Hood Bar and Pizza with Irie Junctions to get an update on the band’s progress:


by-sandy-segovianoON THEIR CURRENT PLANS:

“The big news is…we just signed with Desert Music to represent us. Mozaiq has appointed Noe G. Gutierrez to act on our behalf for the purposes of exclusive representation throughout the world to effectively market us and distribute our music. We’re excited to join Noe and his team as we propel our music and Desert Reggae forward. He has helped already established artists like Kelly Derrickson and Courtney Chambers reach even higher planes. We can’t be any happier. We also plan to play live shows as often as possible. We’ve received amazing reception to our new music here in the valley and we’re anxious to record and get some of our music out to the rest of the world and see how we do. The Coachella Valley is our home, and knowing that we’re loved and respected here means more to us than anything.”

“We’re booked to record with the highly-talented artist/producer E.N Young, next month in Imperial Beach. E.N is well known for performing with Tribal Seeds and producing many successful reggae artists like: Hirie, Inna Vision, Ryan Gonzo and Tribal Seeds to name a few. We are beyond blessed and excited to have E.N. record and produce our first few singles. We’ll be recording two moZaiq originals and releasing them each individually. The first is titled, ‘Without You,’ a song about moving on after a broken relationship and finding positivity in a new life. The second song we’re still a bit unsure, but we’re leaning towards ‘FIYAH! FIYAH!’ a song about empowerment and self-motivation.”


“As a band, we actually talk about this a lot because we are so focused on having a truthful, conscious message in our music. Reggae is the ONE genre of music, thanks to Bob Marley and countless other reggae pioneers, that not only speaks about the truth in ‘the struggle’ and the injustices and the turmoil and darkness that our world is in, but it offers a solution in its key message of revolution and global awakening through peace, love and unity of ALL people, ALL races, ALL religions, ALL nations. ONE LOVE …that’s what reggae means to us and that is what we, as a band, feel we are called to do: Glorify God through our music, speak only of the truth; all, while hopefully laying down a deep groove that people can feel and move to. We choose Reggae music over other genres… because of the consciousness of the message and the unity it endeavors to create.”


“The desert is our home and our love. We are so proud when we play outside of the valley and we can yell to the crowd that we’re from the Coachella Valley and represent Coachella Valley Music. It’s the single reason we have it featured into our band logo with the silhouette of palm trees and wind mills because no matter where we go, or how far this music takes us, we’re from the Coachella Valley and we’ll NEVER forget where we came from, period. Without our people behind us here, we can do nothing.”


“I feel strongly that Desert Reggae is on the move upward. We would love nothing more than to create a massive reggae scene here and we have to be the examples by finding success through hard work and humility, just for the LOVE of creating beautiful music.” We are interested in continuing to organize and unify the scene here to create some noise for Desert Reggae. Being affiliated with Desert Music, Ronnie King Music and Coachella Valley Weekly is an honor and a privilege. We know what’s right in front of us and we will take advantage of the opportunity while remaining humble and thankful.”

Joining Mozaiq on stage for a unique cross-over performance will be Desert Music artist Courtney Chambers. If you want to see Desert Reggae history in the making, you will attend the Desert Reggae Residency show and be a part of the union. The Tack Room Tavern is located at 81800 Avenue 51 in Indio, California. This show is FREE!


DJ Journee has previously participated in Desert Reggae Residency and continues to fortify his ‘residency’ at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs every second Saturday of the month. DJs Journee and Dash Eye spin you the best Roots, Culture, Dance Hall and Lover’s Rock reggae. DJ Journee will be supplying the music for Desert Reggae Residency before, during and after Mozaiq’s sets.

Mozaiq is:

Marc Diaz – vocals

Daniel Torres – lead/rhythm guitar

Noel Morin – drums/vocals

Ryan Kerr – keys/vocals