By Lisa Morgan –

You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but Soterios Anagnostou has over 25 years of business ownership and marketing and branding experience under his belt.  That is because he has been self-employed since he was 14 years old, when he launched and successfully marketed a clothing line that was ultimately sold to a major sportswear designer.  He published both a sports-fashion-arts magazine and a real estate magazine for Century 21.  He also owned and operated two retail stores and a restaurant that he developed, branded and marketed himself.  His entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, his energy perpetual and his drive to help other businesses succeed, intrinsic.  Soterios knows firsthand that businesses not only need to be seen, but they need to be seen in a light that separates them from their competition.   Recognizing that need 12 years ago, he created a hybrid marketing agency through which he developed in Palm Desert. is an affordable, tangible and cost effective way to brand and market local businesses.

The work has done for local businesses is stunning and is why they have become the premier vehicle wraps company in the valley.  But they don’t stop at designing wraps for vehicles, RVs, boats, golf carts and fleets.  They are experts at large format design and printing, event branding, exterior/interior branding and design as well as tenant improvements for commercial and residential buildings.  Imagine walking into the foyer of your private movie screening room with large iconic pictures of Hollywood greats greeting you as you enter; a home in Big Horn did just that and brought that vision to fruition through Desert Wraps.  They even created a facade to turn the front of La Quinta’s Citrus club house into a 1940’s military barrack for a USO event. designed and installed custom wall murals for Sunline Transit Agency’s Learning Center, presenting a display of all things Sunline to the general public.  They also designed and built marketing stations for companies like Max Muscle, including brochure racks and interactive video presentations that help drive traffic from outside locations to the retail storefront.  This company’s creative capacity to design, develop and produce cost effective marketing solutions is endless.  It is business branding and marketing on steroids. can take any business from low profile to high profile, all the while keeping their focus on the ultimate priority:  provoking a response from the potential customer.

“I don’t expect to get rich doing this,” shares the impassioned owner and team leader.  “At the end of the day, I just want people to say, ‘Thank you. You have provided me with a great product that has helped my business grow.’  The quality of service, customer appreciation, building relationships and cost effectiveness is my priority.  Anybody can put a wrap on a vehicle, but the message it conveys and how it’s perceived is what should come first and foremost; that is essential brand marketing.” is fully equipped to do this.  With Soterios’ education and hands on experience, his creative team, top of the line technology and equipment, it is safe to say that provides a superior product and exceptional service.


At the very heart of is a fantastic team of individuals including Joe Rich, Production Manager and Soterios’ lifelong friend.  Joe has over 20 years of experience in the print industry and commands a number of the trade’s top design programs. He has been “The Rock” of Desert Wraps since the start.  Jeff Dooley, who Soterios describes as his “Mr. Perfection”, keeps the team in line and is the Large Format Manager as well as an expert installer and printing technician with over 15 years in the vinyl industry.  Oscar Arbulu, Graphic Designer, brings over 10 years of experience in the field.  He is an expert in digital, print, web, new and social media and large print format design.  Shelly Sheppard keeps things running like clockwork at  She is the company’s Community Liaison and Account Executive in charge of new business development, while also coordinating a wide variety of marketing strategies.  Ryann Manning recently joined the team and brings incredible video, photography and editing capabilities with him as well as an ability to multitask on various creative projects.  Together this team has created extraordinary marketing solutions for clients who are more than happy to share their positive experience with the company.

Rudy Garza, owner of Rudy’s Pest Control ( says, “Soterios/ is the most creative designer in the valley.  What he does is a huge benefit to small businesses, and it’s affordable.  They also do it in a very timely manner.”  Rudy shares how he basically described his dream to Soterios and through research and expertise, the company helped turn that dream into a reality.  Tommy Edwards, Sunline’s COTR/Contract Officer, shared his complete satisfaction with the company.  “Their professional, creative design team became a vital part of OUR team.  They did a beautiful job.”

In this economy small businesses across the country have had it rough, and with our seasonal clientele, businesses here in the desert have to work twice as hard.  Paying to market or advertise a business can feel more like a high risk crap shoot than an investment.  Still, the need to be seen by potential customers, and to drive those customers to your business, is vital.  “Desert Wraps provides solutions to GET BUSINESS NOW,” says Soterios.  “We become partners in growing our client’s business and they become clients for life.”

To find out more about, visit their website at or call them at (760) 935-3600.