By Bronwyn Ison

Soulfully “Digging Deep” sounds intense, doesn’t it?  This may be just what your soul is ordering.  Dig deep, get raw and get to know one self.  Ahhh, but of course, you already know who you are.  You have it resolved and feel reassured with whom you are.  All right, I cannot say we’re all lost, feeling empty or falling apart, but we are evolving beings.

Many of us are lost, confused, in a daze, seeking, reaching, frustrated and completely unaware of self.  Certainly I am not claiming to have all the answers nor do I have life figured out.  However, I am on a journey to becoming a better human being.  If one desires to accomplish this feat then one must be courageous enough to dig deep.  The actual practice of digging deep isn’t sexy or overly enjoyable.  Yet, when you acquire the answers to your unanswered questions there is an overwhelming sense of joy.

Brene’ Brown says, “We cannot experience joy with out gratitude.”  She also says, “Joy is the most vulnerable emotion we experience.” Generally we experience joy part-time.  We do not execute the feeling of joy with completeness because we fear it will be taken away from us.  If all is going very well in your life, you may ponder and are waiting for something bad to happen.  You imagine it can’t possible be this good.  This is simply setting your self up for something unfortunate.


Getting back to digging deep.  If you do not like the way you feel, or you’re repeating poor behaviors, or your wondering why your conclusions are the same … it’s time to grab your hard hat, tool belt and work boots. An introspective look at your self will require you to be genuine and you will likely need a few boxes of Kleenex.

Going through life living superficially of whom or what you think you are would be a terrible tragedy.  You are worthy and deserve to know your authentic self.  Go deep within to discover what you are truly made of.  Why you are here and what your divine purpose will be in life.  Don’t allow another moment to escape you.  Life is to short. A quick note to the well known/easily recognized types, fame is the wrong idea of who you are.

To be established in the truth of yourself, you must be willing to see the lies and false identity that have been running your whole life. By seeing the ways that you betray yourself, you are exposing the magician’s tricks so that you can see through them and they lose their hold. In this way you take direct responsibility for your own situation. Self-betrayal is betraying your true self by serving the false self. The false self calls itself “myself,” but it is based in ignorance, fear, and greed. As long as you are serving the egoic selfishness, you are betraying the pure loving intelligence that is the true heart. As long as you are following thoughts instead of love, as long as you believe the voices in your head instead of the clarity of open emptiness, you are betraying yourself.  – GANGAJI

Bronwyn Ison, Owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA(9642)

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