Since childhood, we have been imposed a huge number of stereotypes about behavior, desires, appearance, goals, etc. At first, we are influenced only by our parents and grandparents, then we add teachers in kindergarten, at school, plus peers, and so on.

At each stage of life’s journey, new people or groups of people are created who in one way or another impose their attitudes on us. This can be expressed in a short text: “If you cook poorly, your husband will not love you!”, “You must get married before the age of 30,” etc. Sometimes this imposition occurs without words.

For example, popular teenagers at school dress in a relaxed style, and you also begin to want to dress like that in order to become popular, and not at all because you like this style.


With the advent of social media pressure, this has intensified even more. Now you can watch hundreds of beauties’ successes in your feed. And it seems that it’s also good to look at successes and beautiful people and be inspired! But sometimes it plays a cruel joke – you start comparing yourself, rebuilding yourself, that you don’t have an ideal body, don’t have the latest Mercedes model, etc. But do you really need it?

How to figure out what your soul and body require, and what is attached from the outside and does not bring you happiness, even if you achieve results?

Fortunately, there are quite simple methods that can help sort out this issue:

  1. Self-reflection: Take time for introspection, examining your inner desires, values ​​and priorities. A diary will help you with this, in which you can write down your thoughts, sensations, feelings associated with certain events. Ask yourself questions about your goals during meditation, listen to your surroundings over a cup of coffee in the morning, instead of scrolling through Instagram.
  2. Take a period of “detox” from external influences: Limit the time spent on social networks. For example, give yourself a Saturday to spend without your phone. This will help create space for any thinking and formation of your opinions without environmental pressure.
  3. Experiment and explore: get out of your comfort zone and have new experiences. What have you wanted to try for a long time, but never found the time? Now that time has come! This will help you understand what you really are and what is tied to society.
  4. Clean your environment: Leave in your presence only those people who support and motivate you. If you don’t get a complete catastrophe of negative and harmful people, communicate at a minimum, and when they start their “hurdy-gurdy”, say in your head “I don’t accept these beliefs.”
  5. Aligning actions with values: When you identify your true goals and values, act in accordance with them. Consciously choose and prioritize activities that correspond to Your true principles for personal self-realization and happiness.
  6. Review your values ​​and goals: Sometimes it’s not immediately possible to correctly determine your values ​​and goals; after all, we are always under their influence. Therefore, I advise periodically reviewing your list of values, especially if, even after preliminary self-analysis and applying all the practices, you do not actually feel happy. For example, once every six months I compiled a new list and compared it with reality.

Remember that your path is unique and achieving your true goals and values ​​will allow you to live a more fulfilling and innovative life. Free yourself from societal expectations and embrace your true self!

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