By Craig Michaels

As a young child, DJ Angelique wanted to be a writer. She envisioned herself writing novels and screen plays but would eventually start writing rap songs. While still in her teens, she picked up the guitar and would begin to rap music before it was even being played on the radio. One of the highlights of her early career was performing on stage with rapper Ice- T.

The transition from a guitar to a set of turn tables was an easy one for Angelique. Being a young white female rapper/DJ, Angelique remembers being a minority, “I began my first DJ residency in 1986 and there were no other female DJ’s that I knew of besides DJ Irene.” In addition to her music, she would also take time out to feed her spiritual side, “My feet were firmly planted in the metaphysical world and the night life. I was vegan, meditated and my religion was music,” explains Angelique.

She considers herself first a musician and singer, then a DJ, “I had a band called The Indians in the 90’s, with songs in the Gen X film Reality Bites and the title track for Brad Pitt’s break out film “Kalifornia”. The Indian’s had a top 5 hit song, but the politics of the music business eventually saw our demise,” recalls Angelique.


At this point in her career, Angelique does not like to pigeon hole herself into one particular sound. She is comfortable in any setting whether she is rocking a night club in Ibiza, playing a fashion show, or pool side at somewhere like The Saguaro Hotel in PS. Her originality is reflected in the music she plays, “I especially love to play music that isn’t over played. I love when people come up to me and have to ask, who is it?”

When talking to Angelique you can tell she has her fingers in a lot of pies. Due to the fact that she plays in so many different types of settings, Angelique has a few different identities, “I try to use Angelique for specialized events or when I have to play more commercial music and when I DJ and produce various electronic music, I go under the “Angel Freq” moniker.”

A permanent resident of the Coachella Valley for 3 months now, Angelique was attracted to the burgeoning music scene here and the thought of not having to deal with LA traffic! She continues to work on her music and is producing everything from House and Dub Step to Rock and New Folk. In her spare time Angelique teaches Yoga and has her sights set on producing a Yoga music CD under the AngleFreq label.

You can occasionally catch Angelique spinning at BAR located in Downtown Palm Springs. She will also be one of the featured DJs at the Coachella Valley DJ Association mixer taking place at the Hard Rock Hotel on Wednesday November 27, from 5:30pm-8:30pm.

If you would like to know more about DJ Angelique you can visit her web site at: or contact her by email at:

Written By: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment

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