Born at Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, DJ Day grew up in the Coachella Valley and feels a special bond to the Desert, “I love this place, it’s changed a lot over the years but there’s a vibe about this place that’s unlike anywhere else,”remarks Day.

When he heard the scratching on “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock as a kid, DJ Day (Damien Beebe) knew he wanted to learn how to make those sounds.  At age 13, Day began to practice on his homemade DJ system which consisted of a little one piece turntable/dual tape deck stereo he got for Christmas, jerry-rigged to some hand me down boom boxes.  Eventually in 1995, the aspiring DJ got his first real set of turntable s and a mixer.

His background is mostly in classic Hip Hop, funk & soul but Day confesses to playing everything from electronic and house, to 80’s and disco, it just depends on the crowd and the environment he’s in. Some of the traits of his job that have led to his success are being well rounded with the technical side while demonstrating a wide depth of music knowledge. “My job, at its core, is to help people have a good time, but there’s a lot of ways to go about it beyond just playing Top 40,” remarks Day.

During his DJ career, which has now spanned over two decades, Day followed the natural progression of many DJs who go from playing music to producing it. His gracefully transition from being a DJ/turntablist and musician to beat maker was marked by his 2008 debut album; The Day Before, which was a collection of his previously recorded songs. As if traveling around the world playing music and juggling a personal life wasn’t enough, Day formed an artist co-op with his friend and producer/MC, Thes One, (the Co-Founder of “People Under The Stars.”) The artist collective called Piecelock 70 is how Day released his new album entitled; Land of 1000 Chances, which drops this month.


Day spent many stressful hours traveling to his Los Angeles studios of Pieclock 70, then back to the desert while making his latest album and quips, “Had I known what I was getting into I would have never set foot in the studio.”  The recent years of turmoil in Day’s personal life also led to some of the inspiration for Land of 1000 Chances.  “The idea for all of this was to go back to my roots and encapsulate the last few years of what was going on in my life,” notes Day.  In an effort to avoid over producing and layering his tracks with the cut and paste stuff he had done before, Day kept this album simple and clean.

Currently touring Europe, Day is on a 10 date tour to support his new album. When he returns, Day plans to work with Thes One on the management and expansion of the artist collective Piecelock 70 and to continue hosting his weekly party at the renowned Ace Hotel in Palm Springs ever Thursday.

If you would like to contact DJ Day you can e-mail him at: or visit his site where you can purchase his new album at

Written by: Craig Michaels

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