Following the path of many immigrants before them, the parents of Emmanuel Avalos (DJ E-Money) moved here from Mexico to give their family a better life. Emmanuel graduated from Palm Desert High and like most teenagers was really into music. “I loved to downloading music, my friends and family would always come to me if they needed songs,” recalls Emmanuel.

The thought of being a DJ had not crossed Emmanuel’s mind until he was 18 and working in his uncle’s Restaurant called Napa’s Tapa’s in Palm Desert. When he wasn’t serving food, Emmanuel found himself playing with his uncle’s karaoke machine and becoming fascinated about entertaining people with music. Emmanuel’s hard work at the restaurant would enable him launch his DJ career, “a year went by and I worked hard at his restaurant and I bought my own DJ set, a DJM 400 Mixer and two CDJ 800MK2s, which work awesome for me still,” explains Emmanuel. Using the first letter of his birth name and combining that with his nick name which is “Money,” Emmanuel would come up the name G-Money and begin spinning on Thursday nights at Napa’s Tapa’s.
His new found passion for playing music was fun but Emmanuel was unsure of whether he could make a living at being a DJ. Deciding to make a back-up plan, Emmanuel decided to enroll at Kaplan College in Palm Springs, where he received his Associates of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Over the next five years Emmanuel would continue to practice his mixing and would eventually get good enough to work some gigs at the Village Pub, Club V, and Carambas Night Club. Although he has booked a few mobile gigs, Emmanuel prefers to work night clubs because he has to bring less equipment and the crowds are always ready to party!
A few months ago, I walked into Guillermo’s restaurant in Palm Desert (also owned by his uncle) where Emmanuel was Djing after hours. I was very impressed by Emmanuel’s mixing abilities while at the same time keeping the energy up and fun! In five short years, Emmanuel has learned how to mix just about every genre possible but is quick to point out his favorites, “there are a couple that I like to play and specialize in and that is Reggaeton, Latin House, and Electro House. I feel that those are the types of genre that make people move and dance.”
When you spend some time watching or talking with Emmanuel, you can’t help but notice his enthusiasm and high level of motivation. Currently working as a server at Guillermo’s in Palm Desert, Emmanuel is waiting for them to bring back the DJs on Thursday nights which he says may happen this summer. Inspired to learn more about the producing and remixing part of the business, Emmanuel would love to play at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival or EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival.) If you would like to contact DJ E-Money, you can e-mail him at:
Written By: Crag Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 619-3276