By Craig Michaels

Music has been in his blood for as long as he can remember. As a child, DJ Omar would drum along to any music he heard by tapping his hands and feet. Before he began playing around behind a mixing board and speakers, Omar started teaching himself how to play the drums at age 10; “I have played drums since middle school. I’m pretty good on a drum set and can play many styles like Jazz, Rock & Latin,” explains Omar.

The Indio native started DJing when he was 17. Determined to get into the night clubs to see the DJs play, Omar did not let his age stop him; “I remember my first summer after graduating high school, a friend of mine was a DJ at a local club here in Indio. He knew that I had an interest in being a DJ and although I was not 18 at the time, I got in one night and he saw me and asked if I would like to spin? That started it all for me!”

Omar began to develop his own style while learning how to interact with the dance floor in front of him. His ability to read a crowd and mix things up in addition to his MC skills are just a few things that set Omar apart from other DJs. He describes how he relies on his diversity when playing to different age groups; “I like to think that I can fulfill any request my customers’ ask for when it comes to music. In contrast to the Hip Hop/Top 40 style music I play at a lot of my parties, I grew up listening to everything from Spanish music to Classical and Tony Bennett. I also listen to a lot of Metallica and Alice in Chains in my car,” emphasizes Omar. Keeping up with the new music is also important to Omar which is why he is a member of a record pool that gives him access to all the current music every month. Spending countless hours sorting through music and organizing it on his lap top is part of the job admits Omar.


After two decades of performing in clubs and at mobile gigs, Omar has recently decided to team up with his partner Will Durazo to form – Desert Empire Official DJs. The pair has been busy branding the company for the past year spinning gigs ranging from 1,400 people down to small backyard parties for 45. Besides the usual country club, wedding, or Quinceña, you can sometimes catch them sitting in as guest DJs at the Blue Bar inside Spotlight 29 Casino.

If you would like to contact DJ Omar or the Desert Empire Official DJs you can email him or call (760) 485-0786.

Written By: Craig Michaels
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