By Craig Michaels

The story of DJ Remise (Eddie Jimenez) is a familiar one. Young boy watches older relative and decides he wants to try his turn. At the impressionable age of 13, Remise began toting record crates for his older cousin who was a DJ. After shadowing his cousin for a few years, Remise began to practice his skills and decided he liked playing and mixing music. At 19, Remise officially began his DJ career when purchased his own set of Technics turntables and began playing wherever he could.

A native of the Coachella Valley, he was fortunate enough to make friends local radio personalities DJ Supa James and DJ PJ who have both been influential in his career. Remise began to venture into the club scene and would find himself again shadowing seasoned night club DJs. Remise remembers his first shot at controlling the dance floor was at good old “RED 74” in Palm Desert. Remise describes how he felt when his partners in crime PJ and Supa James pushed him to play, “I was shy about playing in front of crowds at first but quickly shook it off, cause that feeling had me hooked,” recalls Remise. Soon after that the trio would started throwing a lot of their own events around the valley.
The definition of the word Remise means to give up or relinquish. DJ Remise had realized this was his calling and decided to surrender himself to the music, hence the name was born. He would go on to play in some of top night clubs in the Coachella valley and began making a name for himself. Along the way Remise learned how to re-mix songs to create his own sound.

For the past few years Remise has been producing a mix show for a cluster a of radio stations: 97.7 KRCK Hot Hits – Palm Springs, 92.7 KREV The Revolution – San Francisco and 104.3 KFRH NOW – Las Vegas. Remise now calls Las Vegas his home although he finds himself in the Coachella Valley quite often doing shows and visiting family
Getting to meet some of the artists he mixes has been one of the perks of radio. Remise has a collection of photos from special events with celebrities which include but are not limited to, Pitbull, FloRida, Carly Rae Jepson and Justin Bieber just to name a few. When asked who the most exciting person to meet, Remise said Lady Gaga made him nervous.


He is also a part of network of other DJs who call themselves the “Mixicans.” Remise feels fortunate to have the support of the group of eight or nine DJs who help promote each other. Jokingly Remise says, “we’re kind of like the little rascals.” If you would like to know more about the Mixicans you can visit their web site and download their mix tapes at:

In addition to his mix duties, Remise continues to spin music for private parties and enjoys playing an open format. If you would like to contact DJ Remise you can email him at: or follow him on Titter and Instagram.

Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment