By Craig Michaels

Growing up in the bay area with grandparents who introduced him to Jazz standards and Sinatra, Sean Enright, would soon fall in love with the beach boys before sporting a mullet for the classic rock of the 70’s. Sean began break dancing his way through the 80’s and by the 90’s, he was 100% electronic. His decades of music knowledge have helped Sean master the skill of mashing up the different genres of music with the latest beats to energize a dance floor.

His curiosity with mixing tapes and comedy tracks at age 13, tuned into DJing block parties and community college functions in Tacoma Washington at age 20. Sean decided to make the desert his part time residence in 2010, since both his parents and grandparents have called the Coachella Valley home for decades. When Sean is not in the desert you can usually find him in LA or in his home town of San Francisco doing gigs.

The creativity of Sean’s mother has also been inspirational for him over the years. She is currently an artist jewelry maker and painter, working with some of the biggest retailers and department stores in America. Sean proudly remarks about his mother; “she is a creative genius, who produced more high-end art in a month than I could in a year! With enough practice I’d like to produce on that level.” It’s obvious his love for art is just as strong as his passion for music. He compares the stroke of a painters brush to the mix a DJ produces with two or more tracks. “Just as the artists uses colors on the canvas to convey his emotions, the DJ uses music to convey what they are feeling from the crowd,” clarifies Sean.


When spinning for an event, Sean admits reading the crowd is one of the most important elements. He says it’s all about emotion, timing and knowing when to charge up the beat. His format is simple, create a dance floor, bring them along for the ride, wow them with the music and don’t forget to look up, smile and have fun.

Sean has currently started his own production company called Platform Entertainment but he’s focusing on preforming rather than producing shows, events and parties. “It’s been more enjoyable for me and I get a higher level of satisfaction counting people dancing rather than counting the money,” Sean explains. Although he does lots of house parties, Sean has recently started playing a weekly gig at Red Barn, Palm Desert, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Written By: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment