By Craig Michaels

A Southern California native, Terri O’Brien was born and raised in Los Angeles. You could say showbiz is in her genes. Her mother was a singer/comedienne and her father was a Broadway dancer. Terri also had an uncle who was a musician/character actor.

With the entertainment business running through her family veins, it’s no surprise she gravitated toward music at a young age. “My earliest memories are of me running around the house with records in my hand, asking someone to play them for me,” Terri recalls.

It would not be until a few years out of high school that Terri would eventually be struck by the entertainment bug. After going to see the Beatles in concert, she decided she wanted to be in a band. Terri would begin as a drummer in an all-girl band but was told they needed a bass player so she switched instruments. In her early 20’s, she would go on tour which later lead to Las Vegas where she played in a variety of different show bands. After many years of working as a paid musician it was almost a natural progression for Terri to discover her DJ skills. She took a break from touring with bands and managed to get work in clubs as a DJ during the Disco era. Before moving back to Los Angeles, Terri would hit the road one more time with another group that included a few tours in Canada.


In 1989, Terri decided to move to the Palm Springs area. After a break in entertaining, fast forward to the late 90’s where she decided to get back into the DJ game. Terri began working in a club called Heaven in Palm Springs (now Zelda’s) playing music for the shows. In addition to mobile gigs in the desert, Terri would drive to New Port Beach to DJ on the harbor cruises which kept her busy.

With her show business background, she finds it easy to entertain audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Terri prides herself on her costumer relations and taking the time she needs to make sure her gigs are successful. As a seasoned DJ/entertainer, Terri finds herself working all types of events these days but leans towards the corporate and country clubs gigs.

If you would like to book Terri for your next event you can email her at: or by phone at: 760 325-4366.

Written by Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment