By Craig Michaels

At a young age, Ulises Ruiz recognized that he liked playing music for people and he knew what songs would make them dance. He began playing the role of DJ at age 15 at friends and family parties. Ulises was very outgoing and knew he liked playing music for others but had no professional DJ gear. Eager to entertain, Ulises started out mixing songs using a dual cassette boom box, “it was poor quality but it was fun for me!” remembers Ulises.

After graduating from high school in Minnesota where he grew up, Ulises decided to join the marines. In his early 20’s, he found himself overseas, again playing music, this time to entertain his fellow officers. Once Ulises finished his duty to his country the ex-Marine decided Minnesota was just too cold for his blood and moved to the Coachella Valley where he has been for the last 13 years.

Although he had no formal training, Ulises invested in his own DJ gear and began do gigs for Prime Time Productions. Luis and Rose, the owners of Prime Time would help Ulises get his feet wet booking him on mobile gigs. He quickly began to tap into his talents as an entertainer, “I am not afraid to be silly, dress up and get involved,” Ulises will tell you with a smile. His mobile gigs range from weddings and quinceañeras to corporate events and private parties. He demonstrates his versatility when he is able to quickly adapt to a dance floor; “I try to project the energy and everything my client is all about thru my music and out into the crowd,” explains Ulises.


Needing to brand his own image, Ulises launched his own DJ Company using the name, Main Event, which was the name of a small bar where he grew up in Minnesota. The Main Event DJ company has expanded their services over the years to include lighting, videos and photo booths to their menu of entertainment.

Ulises expressed how eventually he would like to pass on what he has learned to future DJs; “Even though I enjoy being an entertainer, eventually I know that I will stop, I hope by then, I’ll get to teach everything I’ve learned through the years to anybody who is interested in DJing, regardless of their age or gender.” Ulises also believes it’s never too late to start to do something you love. When he is not making musical memories, you may see him walking up and down Palm Canyon as a letter carrier for the US Post Office in Palm Springs.

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Written By: Craig Michaels
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