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It’s summertime, and the living is anything but easy – Unless you have access to a swimming pool or outdoor water feature. Thanks to Luxury Pool Construction & Design, financing options are available. This means this summer could be the one during which you make your living easy.

The modern swimming pool was, for those who may not know, a derivative of Ancient Rome. The first heated swimming pool was constructed by Gaius Maecenas in the 1st century B.C. (Before Christ). At the time, Gaius was a wealthy Roman lord, and was more than likely the type that lorded over others. However, it wasn’t until 800-600 B.C. that the first recreational swimming pools were birthed into existence.


In 600 B.C. ancient Greece’s economy had blossomed. The result was trading, and commerce were pillars that even the mighty Hercules couldn’t shake to their foundations. Due to the Greek’s society’s flush wealth, citizens had more free time and more disposable income to establish the original leisure centers.

A leisure center is a popular concept in Europe. It consists of various large and smaller halls, exercise rooms, saunas, and in or outdoor swimming pools. These are places in which individuals keep the body active, relaxed, and improve physical and mental health. In America, the most comparable facility to a leisure center would be a spa. In ancient Greece, the original leisure center known as the “Palaestrae” (or open-air gymnasium), which included heated baths, and such was first conceived. The rest, as it has been stated time and time again, is history.

Similarly, to society’s’ ancestors, modern culture has given rise to easier access to larger sums of money, and more so during the last thirty years. If one has good credit, and within a considerable amount of good reason, they can free up enough money to pursue leisurely pastimes, buy homes, and or make additions to current homes.

None of the above is intended to elevate or glorify those who lived in ancient Rome. Likewise, the above is not in any manner created to demean or belittle those who may not have good credit – yet. The good news is that credit is a commodity that can be attained by anyone. Before you know it, whatever your station in life, credit can soar like a raging tidal wave crashing against the feet of The Colossus of ancient Rhodes.

The Coachella Valley is now ablaze with summer temperatures, and if year’s past where longer winters reigned are anything to go by, this summer will be a long raging scorcher. It’s time to step off hot surfaces and dip your toes in cool waters.

LUXURY POOL CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN is celebrating a decade of design. Over the ages, constructs have dazzled skeptics, and answered the dreams of the dreamers. The exquisite beauty of Luxury Pool Construction & Design is that their expression of luxury, unlike the ancient Romans and Greek’s, has been made affordable. Financing options are now available for anyone seeking to construct the swimming pool, or outdoor water feature of their dreams.

Luxury Pool Construction & Design – “Taming the Tides of your Imagination”

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