By Craig Michaels

Growing up in Los Angeles County, Niki V has many fond memories and family in the Southern California area. She remembers moving quite a bit as a child and would eventually move out of state to Corpus Cristi, Texas, where she graduated from high school. Niki was encouraged by her film maker uncle who told her she had a good speaking voice and should look for voice over work. Niki recalls getting her first gig; “I called all of the radio stations in the nearest city looking for voice over work. After being laughed at by most of them, an AM Christian station asked if I could run a board. I had no idea what a board was but replied “I’m sure I can learn yours” and they brought me on to do a weekend air shift.”

Three short months later, Nicki was hired away by a larger FM station and began the long and winding road down her broadcasting career path. Niki describes herself as a hippie girl. It only takes a few minutes with her to realize she marches to the beat of her own drum. When asked what sets her apart from other radio personalities, she replied; some people approach being on the air as something that sets them apart from listeners, I approach being on the air as something that allows me to connect more with people. There are a lot of great personalities in Southern California and I’m lucky to be one of them.”

After working at stations in Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas, Niki would come back to Southern California to be closer to her family and would pick up work on the air for Inland Empire stations KCAL and KCXX. Feeling like she needed to re-organize and prioritize her life, the roaming radio personality left her family and took a gig at a station in Oregon. Although she had moved around frequently and encountered her share of ups and downs, Niki always kept her sense of humor which is evident when I asked her what was the most challenging part of doing a radio show? “Holding the antenna at the right angle” she replies.


Last July, Niki applied to a posting for a radio show on Eagle 106.9, owned by the Desert Radio Group in Palm Springs. She was given the Mid-day show which allowed her the opportunity to get closer to her family and her Southern California roots. Besides her air shift, Niki is also the music director and assistant program director helping to ensure the polished on air sound of the station.

Her soft and sexy voice is very easy to listen to and has led to a successful voice over business providing voices for television, radio and internet advertising as well as narrating audiobooks. Besides her radio show and voice over business, Niki recently announced some else very important in her life; “I have recently become engaged for the first time and my fiancé and I are making plans to move our daughters into a home together and start our happily ever after.” We wish her the best of luck!

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Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment