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We all know that health should be one of the most important things we focus upon in our lives, right? The truth is many of us don’t, and sadly the results are sometimes catastrophic.

Ailments in life will come, but many can be prevented by prescribing basic health principles to your daily routine that support optimizing health rather than destroying it.

None of us require a PHD to know that if we drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, take illicit drugs, stay awake all night, and never exercise, we will eventually incur some unfortunate health conditions. Sadly, weak-wills, lack of faith and knowledge, breeds this not-so-pleasant consequence more times than not.


In today’s world, we have a plethora of health information readily available via the internet and social media. Each of us can – at the command of our fingertips, type away and grasp it. There are many teachings concerning how we can all learn to better manage our health – some take this information for granted. But how do we know what is sound health management, or what might be recommendations of a witch doctor, or a quack?

Sometimes all we need is a little help or rather “swift kick” on the backside to get us to move in the correct direction.

Many of us Coachella Vallians are familiar with our desert’s chichi district, or what the kids call “hot spots” – El Paseo. This miniature Beverly Hills is all dressed up with designer clothing stores, expensive restaurants, hair salons, and even a good ol’ Apple store. What you might not know is that on its East end is a health clinic that has been assisting locals and celebrities achieve optimal health (at reasonable cost) for nearly three decades.

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE [or DLI] and its lead physician, Dr. Daniel L. Johnson M.D., has been in medical practice for over 40 years. Dr. Johnson’s level of expertise when it comes to health, hormones, nutrition, and longevity are unmatched. Dr. Johnson’s clinic located on El Paseo, provides services including but not limited to; hormone balancing, detoxification, I.V. treatments, nutrition, and sells pharmaceutical grade supplements.

This coming February 14th at 10:00am, Dr. Johnson is providing a FREE, that’s right – FREE seminar at his El Paseo clinic. Festivities that morning will include an in-depth discussion concerning a health condition that everyone should be concerned about – Alzheimer’s.

For those who may not be aware, Alzheimer’s is a scarily increasingly common condition that progressively destroys memory and other highly important mental functions. Brain cell connections become “clogged” by amyloid plaque which leads them to degenerate and eventually die. In laymen terms, signals can no longer pass information through cells, thus leading to the absolute destruction of memory and other cognitive function. The main symptoms for Alzheimer’s are memory loss and confusion. To date there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s. However, Dr. Daniel Johnson and his life-long medical journey will provide those who attend his seminar on the 14th with comprehensive preventative measures, and methods that can lend a hand in assisting with the repair of damaged brain cells for those who might be suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s, and for those who wish to try and prevent it.

Dr. Johnson’s seminar takes audiences on a health odyssey that outlines new and exciting scientific findings. Seminar topics will range from: genetics, hormonal optimization, detoxification, sleep, stress reduction, nutrition, exercise, and brain exercises – all these and more work together to optimize health and help reverse or prevent conditions associated with Alzheimer’s. The seminar will additionally shed light upon the 6 types of Alzheimer’s and how each requires a specialized treatment plan.

The seminar is for locals, snowbirds, current and or future DLI patients, families, and caregivers. Everyone is welcome, and all will be thoroughly educated, inspired, and entertained. Refreshments and snacks will be available, so make certain to have a lighter than usual breakfast that morning.

The seminar is FREE, and as a thank you for your attendance, DLI will be giving away a FREE copy of The End Alzheimer’s Program, The First Protocol to Enhance and Reverse Decline At Any Age by Dale E. Bredsen, M.D.

Desert Longevity Institute [DLI] is located at 74-075 El Paseo, Suite B2, Palm Desert, CA (between Portola and Lantana). Dr. Johnson and your health hope to see you there next Thursday, February 14th at 10:00AM.

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