By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

When we were kids, the recycling movement hadn’t yet taken shape. People recycled things that had been previously used as a matter of economics. Families had less, so they reused more. Recycling back then may still have been a product of social awareness and preservation efforts, but not to the degree that it is these days.

What is it that has sparked humanity’s desire to propel the recycling movement forward as a social statement? Is it greater awareness and sensitivity to the fact that our planet will deteriorate and become a cesspool if we don’t take collective, responsible action? Or is humanity answering a deeper call and this movement and statement presents as a side effect of something much greater? 

Taking notice that our planet is in jeopardy is reason enough to change our habits, but our assessment is that the awareness and motivation to change our views on things such as recycling and reusing comes from a spiritual pull deep within our sacred hearts.


You’ve heard the quote “the kingdom is within”, right? Maybe there is more wisdom in that statement than any of us even imagined.

When we recycle, it inspires us to use creativity to find new uses for the things we already have. Secondarily, this creativity we are exercising as individuals and collective groups, generates favorable ancillary benefits. For example, if you choose to take the old fabric pile that has been sitting in your spare bedroom and make reusable shopping bags with it, you are stimulating your creativity while helping to minimize plastic waste that could otherwise end up in a landfill or in the ocean.

When you choose to tap into your creativity in this way, you are opening the door to an even greater connection and use of your innate talents. Your creativity represents the kingdom within.

In the new era we speak of often in this column, our spiritual lessons revolve around responsible creatorship. As we cross the threshold of the new era, we will feel the inner pull to dig deep into our own kingdoms where we will find creative and productive solutions to our individual and collective problems. In answering this call, we will honor ourselves as responsible creators and perform great service to humanity.

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