By Sunny Simon

As a dedicated baseball fan I could not be more excited about the upcoming World Series. I’m hoping it’s LA Angels all the way. The team clinched the American League West title and begins the post season on October 2nd. Certainly coach Mike Scioscia has a number of strategies in place to ready the Angels for the opportunity to take the coveted title.

I don’t know what star player Mike Trout or any of his teammates do to prepare when they are off the field, but my guess is the attack would include a significant amount of time spent in visualization. Peak performers often use visualization or guided imagery techniques to create an intention of what they want to occur on the field. As any coach will attest, winning is 90% mental.

You don’t have to be on the road to the World Series to benefit from visualization. Used correctly, this self-development tool can help you accomplish your personal goals. It is not difficult to hone this skill but like any technique, it takes practice. Success lies in the rehearsed forethought and consistence is key. Prior to gaining a name in the entertainment industry, actor James Carey parked on Mulholland Drive nightly and visualized reaching Hollywood stardom.


Begin the drill by sitting in a quiet location, free from all distractions. With your eyes closed bring up a goal. Perhaps it is winning a large sales contract. Next, connect the dots by filling in as much detail as possible. See yourself in technicolor seated at the head of the conference table as you begin your sales pitch. Imagine how you are dressed, your facial expression and the chatter of those around you. Then envision your winning presentation. Self help guru, Jack Canfield recommends you employ to a technique called “embodied image” by seeing the visualization as a movie. Your role is to approach the screen and enter the film thus enhancing the impact of the imagery experience.

The most important element in visualization is a positive mental attitude. Eliminate any negative thoughts and see yourself executing a flawless presentation. Now turn up the volume and experience your feelings. As you continue your sales pitch see heads nodding in agreement. Feel your self-confidence soar as individuals buy-in to the points you are making about your product. Create an Oscar worthy ending by watching the president of the company signing your sales contract. Great job! Smile and celebrate your victory.

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