By: Bronwyn Ison

Your New Year resolutions are set and now it is time to execute. The primary resolution that makes the list is to exercise. Attaining health and attempting something new is number two. Therefore, there has never been a better time to evolve into a new and improved you. Commencing 2013 with a vision, purpose, and motivation will keep you on track throughout the year.

If trying something new, such as Yoga made your list, it is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of a new Yoga studio in La Quinta. Evolve Yoga will meet and far exceed all your Yoga desires and expectations. In conjunction with Yoga, other non-impact disciplines will be available, such as; Mat Pilates, Burn at the Barre, and Meditation classes. The desired effect is that you evolve at every level of your yoga and fitness progression. The programs are designed to facilitate your desires, achieve your personal, physical, and mental goals. Our consummate instructors collectively provide 50 years plus experience in the Yoga and fitness industry. You can expect to meet and practice with Bronwyn Ison (Owner of Evolve Yoga, Vinyasa E-RYT 200), Johnny Yuhas (Bhakti Certified), Shannon Rubin (Ashtanga Certified), Judith Daley (Yoga Certified), Doryan Dean (Ananda Certified), Jill Kadile(Pilates & Burn and the Barre Certified), and Gyongyi Ridenour(Meditation & Reiki Certified). The instructors take pride in guiding their students in a safe, compassionate, loving, and skilled setting. You will embark on positive changes that will help and inspire you to reach your overall health and well-being goals.

Evolve Yoga is dedicated to offering an exemplary experience with your safety in mind. We have installed a world-class flooring system designed specifically for the Yoga practitioner. The non-slip Zebra Yoga flooring is considered the highest quality of flooring in the industry. The shock-absorbing cushion allows for less stress on your joints, especially those with knee, hip, or problematic back issues. Your body will thank you for this experience.


An increasing number of physicians are prescribing Yoga. Yoga can ease and manage stress, help with breathing, and is an excellent source of exercise depending on the class style you in which you engage. There are several styles of Yoga. Evolve Yoga will be offering Vinyasa, Ananda, and Bhakti Yoga. Whatever your personal goal, Yoga is an incredible discipline to integrate into your new or existing exercise regimen. There are a several levels of Yoga from which one can choose. Introduction to Yoga is excellent for the neophyte looking to have a regular routine. Gentle Yoga is safe for beginners, for women who are expecting, and/or wanting to practice with ease. Levels 1-3 are also available for the yoga student who is ready to move forward in their practice. And, Yoga for the Athlete will be targeting those who are highly active but are tight and stiff. Meditation classes will be available and is led by a meditation specialist in tandem with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. Mat Pilates and Burn at the Barre are an added favorite.

We look forward to sharing with our community a healthy and prosperous style of living. Our best wishes from Evolve Yoga. We look forward to meeting you in the New Year! 50-991 Washington Street and Tampico, located in the Ralph’s Shopping Center next to US Bank. For more information: Or, find us on Facebook. or 480.332.1951

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