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Integrity is a word familiar to most, yet nowadays is hardly if ever implemented. It’s definition: “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”.

We live in a world that is now driven by speed and is presently hitting full-throttle spinning us all way out of control.


It’s clear to at least the God fearing, and wise that speed is not always a good thing. In emergency, yes, but when initiating speed at times when it is unnecessary, byproducts such as error, lack of quality, and lack of integrity follow. That is why the term, “quality not quantity” came into being.

If at any time in business anyone ever tells you, “We get the job done fast”, move on to the next business. It’s apparent that this business opts for speed, which result in shoddy and sloppy work, instead of professional and well-manicured works of art.  The same can be said about the individual or business that offer rock-bottom prices for goods and services – “You get what you pay for”.

If a business combines both of these less-than-desirable attributes, rest assured that their “integrity” will likewise fall short of anything resembling glory. This may mean that requests for fixing issues go unanswered, refunds are ignored, and pay for those working for said companies will at times be “lost in the mail”, or delivered late without apology – if they get paid at all.

To discover why society and certain business principals have fallen so far from grace, we look to the past, which will perhaps give us greater insight to the present.

More recently, we spent some time analyzing “why” the decade of the 1980’s was so popular, so productive, so innovative, and so generally positive.

Many of our readers may remember the decade of music with hit after hit, movie – hit after hit, and a slew of other pop culture gems like video games, toys, fashions, and pro wrestling that were created. Was it that we somehow entered a hidden dimension where humans perfectly understood the formula for creating success over and over? Did we then slip out of that dimension during the 1990’s, and have we since been cascading through a vacuum of laziness and depravity? Or, was the 1980’s success due to the fact that we were less distracted by the internet and social media?

Stripping back the overabundance of face paint and hairspray, the decade that was more revolutionary than any of the past five has revealed the reason why.

Competition breeds character”. You may have heard the expression. Thirty, forty, fifty years ago, it was a motto children and teenagers were told over and over, as well as, “Take your time and do it right”. Today, children, teens, even adults (at places of work) are not taught that competition breeds character. They’re not even taught about character, morals or common decency. Instead, they are taught to “be nice, be kind, and hurry up!” Of course, there is nothing wrong with being nice and kind, those are great qualities, but to not be taught character, and to hurry up when it is not a necessity is a crime against human productivity.

So, where does this new way of thinking place the morally decent, the innovators, the leaders, and business persons of today and tomorrow … on the scrapheap? We certainly hope not.

The reason the 1980’s was such a successful decade of creation was due to the fact individuals and businesses had integrity and that they competed with themselves and others. They took their time and placed quality over quantity. That is why there is so much memorabilia, and so many great memories that are still talked and reminisced about nearly forty years later. Every product and every business hit all the right keys on the piano creating a masterpiece that even Mozart would not be able to compete.

Perhaps at times during the 1980’s, competition did get a little out of hand. Yet, it seemed to push the one who was losing the competition to greater and greater heights, and vice versa. This is what led to the creation of one of the most diversly creative decades in modern history.

Will we ever be that creative again? Considering our current trajectory, it is highly unlikely that another decade will ever feature such ingenuity and attention to detail. If we do not ditch quantity for quality, speed for time, and being nice in place of true integrity, we will sadly remain as stagnant as a boggy marsh of water trapped in a space where fresh air and movement will never find it.  The 2000’s, 10’s – and above will sadly sink into that boggy marsh and be as remembered as the slime blanketing its putrid surface.

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