By Haddon Libby

What is the national obsession of the broadcast media with trials? First it was Casey Anthony then Jodi Arias and now George Zimmerman. Aren’t there more important news items for the broadcast media to report on than wall-to-wall coverage of these trials?
Looking at foreign news outlets, there seems to be quite a bit going on that you will hardly hear about via domestic news sources. As such, I thought I would share news from around the world this week. Sadly, you might learn more here than a full day watching CNN, MS/NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox combine.
Let’s start in Germany where they are highly focused on US spying of the European Union (EU) and Germany. They are drawing comparisons between their history under Hitler and the actions taken by the NSA and Obama Administration. If you aren’t up on history, that is not good.
Der Spiegel was also looking at forty building collapses in Bangladesh where people made clothing for the US and other countries. These workers labored for slave-like wages in sub-human conditions. Der Spiegel concluded that globalization and greed allowed for the existence and continuation of these horrid conditions without repercussions. Think of this next time you buy something made in a third world country.
Next door in France, they were focused on the situation in Egypt, the Tour de France and a previously unknown data collection program in their country that is similar to that done by the NSA here in the US. Additionally, many were abuzz over a rock festival in Paris next month that is similar to but smaller than our Coachella Music Festival.
In Australia, they were discussing a national policy that turns back boat refugees from Indonesia as well as improving ski conditions. The Australian also did an expose on the global use of synthetic and illegal drugs. The article made no mention of the ‘Methamphetamine Capital of the World’ – which happens to be right here in the Coachella Valley.
Moving over to Russian, Pravda was reporting on Costa Rica’s “mistaken” legalization of gay marriage and new taxes on luxury vehicles being imported to Russia. Pravda also questioned whether any country in the world was a threat to Russian sovereignty. In their determination, no single country was stronger than Russia. They also talked about how Obama is weak, America is going gay and America has so much debt that it will go bankrupt while Russia has natural resources with very little debt.
The BBC News in China was discussing joint naval drills between China and Russia and lessons that Chinese leaders are learning from Egyptian strife which they believe was caused by Western-styled freedoms given to the people. Chinese news was also talking about drug price fixing and a probe they are undertaking against drug makers worldwide. There is no way that probe could ever happen in the US as we all know that the drug makers here control the politicians.
Arab News reported on increasing death totals in Iraq and estimated that the Iraq is slipping back toward “all-out war”. They also reported on President-elect Hassan Rowhani of Iran who is urging his government and clergy to reduce their interference in the private lives of Iranian citizens. Rowhani feels that a government cannot be strong while repressing individual rights.
In Brazil, people were protesting primarily due to corruption amongst government officials and the need for greater investments in education and healthcare.
As FDR once said, “the real safeguard of democracy is education.” Buck the trend, get educated and become involved.