This week, Indio City leaders learned that Riverside County health officials were in talks with state and federal representatives to prepare for the placement of a Federal Medical Station (FMS) at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio. Public health officials have said that the beds and other materials being delivered will help ease the burden of an expected medical surge caused by the spread of COVID-19.

The California National Guard will be posted at the County Fairgrounds to help receive and set up the medical station as early as Wednesday morning, with the purpose of supporting their humanitarian mission, not for policing.

“We appreciate the support of the California National Guard to help secure and support this federal medical station,” said Indio Mayor Glenn Miller.  “Their assistance will enable our local first responders and public safety officers to spend their time and energy within the community, where their efforts are most needed.”

Indio is the eastern seat of Riverside County, and the Coachella Valley has reported the highest concentration of coronavirus cases.  The County Fairgrounds is a natural location for this type of medical station, both because of its proximity to a hospital and mental health facilities, and also because of the size of the facility, and availability of appropriate amenities for medical professionals.


“People will be cared for at this medical station at a secure location in which the COVID-19 virus can also be isolated and contained,” said Mayor Miller.  “Putting these resources at the County Fairgrounds is the right and appropriate thing to do, and in the City of Indio, we are here to help in whatever way we can.”

As more details are available about the rollout of the FMS, they will be released in order to assure the public about their health and well-being.