By Coach/Owner Nadia Popova

Staying motivated to consistently exercise is tough but achievable with these workout motivation tips.

Start small. This is a useful tip to avoid early burn out, because when you start getting into the rhythm of a workout routine, your body takes time to get accustomed to the stress and exertion on muscles, lungs, heart and joints. Hence, consider starting with a light 20 to 30 minutes exercise routine in the first two-four weeks and then increase the duration and intensity as your body gets accustomed.

Have a dedicated time slot. Having a dedicated time slot for your workout will ensure that you stay consistent and motivated, as it will help you build your workouts into your daily schedule, along with let’s say official meetings, doctor appointments and personal emergencies. Hence, you could consider treating this activity as any other non-negotiable important appointment. Therefore, consider decluttering your fitness regime by investing time in cultivating achievable objectives such as hitting the gym at least two times a week at 7:30 AM, followed by brisk walking three days a week at 7 AM.


Mix it up! Doing the same set of exercises every week may also lead to a lack of motivation. Hence, consider mixing in a yoga session to your weekly plan, as it will help break the monotony and also improve the health of your muscles, joints, and organs. It is also great for flexibility, strength, stamina and mobility, and keeps the mind relaxed and focused. Resistance bands are also a great tool as it can be used from the comfort of your home, builds muscle strength, helps stretch the body for warm-ups and improves mobility.   Ladies, you can keep working out regularly if you follow these workout motivation tips! And if you need help with training or would like to have a Free Fitness Assessment/Consultation please reach out to me (760)880-9904 or visit our website: