Here’s Why I am so Passionate about Keto.

Before I began my own Keto journey, I owned a successful marketing and branding agency, where the demands of my business life led to my being overweight and dealing with multiple health challenges.  Every day left me depleted of energy, suffering with Gerd, plantar fasciitis, migraine headaches, severe brain fog and prediabetes. (in a glamour focused business that required tireless hours, endless creativity, and spunk…of which I had none).

I honestly found Keto because I was desperate to save my life.  My day-to-day life had become too difficult and if I was to live out the rest of my life feeling the way I did, I couldn’t bear it another day. I haven’t looked back since I found Keto over 3 years ago. At that point I thought…what have I got to lose…and it ended up being the opposite… I had so much to gain.  Keto gave me my life back.   Fast forward to today… I’ve lost 40 pounds; reversed prediabetes and all my health problems are gone!


Keto is Easy Coach recently celebrated 2 ½  years in business.  One of my top referral sources is doctors and health professionals and I’ve helped hundreds of women change their lives. I’ve seen Keto heal bodies, repair family bonds, change lives and rekindle desire!

As a result, I’m confident, energetic, inspired and am now blessed to be living my passion as a full-time expert Keto coach (I still pinch myself sometimes) to serve and inspire other women to get their life and health back, find hope, and lose that last bit of stubborn weight.

Are You a Woman Who Lives by Her Own Rules?

I tend to work with “women of a certain age”.  Women who have some life behind them. Women who believe that giving up on how they look isn’t an option.  Women who know age is just a number.  Women who tend to live by their own set of rules.

An Interesting Example of Keto Changing Lives   

Rather than here more about my story let me share with you one from a local woman and her daughter that is not only interesting but one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had so far as a keto expert.

Gloria, a 50 something Financial Planner, was looking to shed a few pounds and her daughter (Sophia, 19) had gained weight while she was away at college. Her physician, Dr. Gundry, gave Sophia a stern warning that she had to do something about her weight and health as she had become pre-diabetic.  The topic of “weight” was something she refused to talk about with her parents and yet it was too important to ignore.  Sophia agreed to give Keto a try after meeting me and knowing I’d be involved every step of the way to guide her, support her and be a buffer between her and her Mom.  The results speak for themselves.   Both Mom and daughter flourished (during the early stages of the pandemic)!  A total of 75 pounds was lost between them and Sophia is no longer pre-diabetic with a clean bill of health.  (And Dr. Gundry is incredibly happy as well).

In talking with Sophia recently she said, “I have kept the weight off for over a year and now I actually enjoy having full body pictures taken.  I can go to stores I never dreamed of going where smaller girls’ shop.  I love Keto and I’ve even inspired some of my friends to do it with me.  I can’t find the words to describe how much better my life is and I have way more confidence than I ever had before.”

The heartfelt part of the story is that this was a journey way beyond Keto.  It opened lines of communication and enhanced their relationship.  There was a healing on every level – mental, emotional, and physical.  It all started as a diet but ended up quite different than anyone anticipated.   I couldn’t have imagined a happier outcome.  The diet became a Keto lifestyle, which ultimately turned into a family healing 🙂

I encourage you to schedule a free consult with me.  Why?  One of my biggest mistakes in my journey to wellness was that I waited too long until it became necessary to do something because my health was suffering.  Do it now, be pro-active and see if Keto is a fit for you so you can start enjoying the freedom, healing, and power for your wellbeing.

I’ll be a source of inspiration hope, support and healing to help you make the changes you want to but feel you need some support.   Visit my web at to schedule a free 30-minute consult.

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