By Bronwyn Ison

When we think of flexibility most of us think we are speaking about our physical body.  While this is vitally important, it’s just as important to be flexible mentally and emotionally.  This can be a tall order… I know. As a yoga studio owner and instructor the common thread, people desire to be more flexible and have better balance.  I have INCREDIBLE and POSITIVE news for you.  You can obtain both… in mind and body.  I’ll keep this simple…Here’s how…

Myth: “I’m too old. I’ll never be flexible again. It’s gone.”

*Negative beliefs about what you can’t do will hold you hostage from progressing.”


Fact: “You’re never too old to develop or regain your physical flexibility.” * I have students who are 75-years-young in my classes! It’s about showing up!

Myth: “If I go to a class I’m wondering what others may think of me. What if I can’t do what others are doing.”

*Guess what?  You’re not alone.  Finding a nourishing and loving studio is essential to your yoga success. A well trained instructor will be happy to assist you.

Fact: “We all have to start somewhere. Doing nothing only means you’re stuck in the same inflexible place.”

Stepping on my mat almost 20 years ago has been the best medicine for my mind and body.  Another commonality I hear from people… “I wish I’d started yoga sooner.”

You can ask anyone who has a yoga practice; you acquire much more than physical flexibility.  Yes, this is essential for a healthy body as we mature.  Yet, our minds become more flexible and adaptable when yoga is a part of your life.  You’ll develop greater patience, be less stressed, and you will learn how to breathe through challenging circumstances. It’s different for everyone but also the same. It’s more about your personal experience.

If you desire a more flexible physical body and deeper desire for more mental flexibility … it’s time to hit a yoga mat.  I told you this would be simple.  If you’re already practicing.  Encourage a friend to join you in class.  Yoga buddies are great and you can hold each other accountable.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga in La Quinta, CA and online yoga classes for overall wellness and balanced living lifestyles. 760-564-YOGA (9642)