By Marissa Willman

“It’s like WWE meets the Food Network.”
This is how comedian Gabriel Iglesias, better known to his fans as Fluffy, described his Stand-Up Revolution tour. With five of his tear-inducing funny friends in tow, the comedy tour brought nearly three hours of laughs to The Show at Agua Caliente Casino, Resort and Spa last weekend.
Fluffy and his friends were originally slated to perform for one night on May 5th but heavy demand led to the addition of a second show on May 6th. The show started with a music video by three-time Grammy award winning band Ozomatli performing the “Hey, It’s Fluffy” song. Comic Martin Moreno (yes, the Martin who cameos in a number of Fluffy’s jokes) opened the show with a warning for his adult humor and did an immediate dive into some of the harsher realities of getting older. Moreno was the emcee for the show and brought out other comics such as Shaun Latham, who scored big laughs for his “Call of Duty” jokes, and Alfred Robles, who had the audience rolling with his take on religion.
Also on the tour was Trevor Noah, a South African comedian who has appeared on “The Tonight Show.” Having been in the U.S. for just a few months, Noah’s act drew on his comical experiences with American culture and how the simplest things can be lost in translation. Comedian Rick Gutierrez had parents cheering with his “I’m not mad, I’m just a parent” routine, which candidly delves into his tough-love approach to parenting.
After his friends finished their acts, Fluffy hit the stage to a cheering crowd. He brought new material to the stage for his hour of stand-up, sharing his adventures as a parent of a teenager, relationship woes and tour bus shenanigans. After performing his new material, Iglesias stuck around for a few encore performances of his classic stories that had the crowd chanting along, as well as bits that were too racy for TV.
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