By Janet McAfee

On June 6, 2023, a man brought me into a large building in Thousand Palms where there were many dogs and cats. He told them he found me as a stray in Palm Desert. My eye was out of the socket and a woman there said, “This dog has an ocular prolapse.” I was in horrific pain but could not tell them what happened. A nice woman named Carla gave me some medication to help with the pain. Carla said this condition happens more often to Pugs because of our short flat faces.

I was put into a kennel surrounded by other dogs. I was tired but the barking made it hard for me to sleep. Some of the other dogs happily left for new homes, and I hoped someone would adopt me too. However, people walked by my kennel with ad faces when they saw me.

Later that day, a kind woman named Jessica from Loving All Animals arrived. I was overjoyed I was leaving the county shelter with her! I could still see with my left eye and enjoyed looking at the passing landscape as we drove away. We arrived at the Loving All Animals shelter in Coachella where they took my photo. I was thankful when Jessica decided to foster me at her house.


On June 7 I had an urgent appointment at VCA Desert Dunes Animal Hospital and they removed my bad eye. They also spayed me so I wouldn’t have to undergo anesthesia twice. I returned to Jessica’s house where I recovered quickly and began to play. I had lots of toys, and there were other dogs to keep me company. I felt like part of the family.

Loving All Animals volunteer extraordinaire Ann Aylott posted my photo of Facebook. Deb LaPaugh, her friend in Bend Oregon, saw the photo and wanted to adopt me. In an amazing coincidence, Ann was heading to her home in Bend for the summer the following weekend. I rode by car with their 2 dogs on the 17-hour trip, resting comfortably on Ann’s feet sensing there were wonderful things ahead.

It was a joyful meeting at the home of Deb LaPaugh and Walter Stone. Deb is a veterinarian who owns her own vet clinic. She removed the sutures in my eye and made sure I was healthy. Walter is a “pugaholic” who loves pugs and previously owned several who looked like me. He is lots of fun and sometimes we wear matching eye patches.

I heard my new Mom Deb tell people, “Frankie arrived at my home like she was the queen of the household. Her name is now Dread Pirate Tulla and she is full of joy. I take her to work with me and she loves being there. Tulla runs like the wind at the dog park with her 2 brothers, Lab Victor and Bloodhound Otto. She also loves our 3 cats and 2 rabbits. However, she has stolen all the cats’ toys!” I am so grateful to Loving All Animals for this happy ending!

In 2023, there are more stray and homeless animals just like Frankie here in the Coachella Valley. Many of them have illnesses or injuries requiring extensive veterinary care. Almost all of them need to be spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Over the years LAA has rescued and rehomed thousands of precious homeless animals. They thoroughly treat medical and behavioral issues to make every animal adoptable. Please donate to help them continue their life saving work at List “Frankie” as the reason for your donation.

Loving All Animals needs more foster homes for small dogs, larger dogs, and kittens. Volunteers are needed to transport animals to vet appointments and adoption events. Volunteers work with the dogs at the shelter when they attend behavior training classes. Sitting with a frightened dog when it first arrives helps that animal transition. To foster or volunteer complete the VOLUNTEER application online and you will be contacted for an orientation. The shelter is located at 83496 51st Avenue, Coachella, CA 92236. Contact them at (760) 834-7000 or email

I am proud to work with this wonderful organization that brings happy second chances for homeless animals and brings joy to the humans who adopt them. Happy New Year 2023 to you and your 4-legged family members!

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