Tracy Dietlin

CV Weekly’s Print edition will be on hiatus for a few weeks or until the Coronavirus situation has been resolved and life gets back to normal here in the valley.

However, we will still continue to publish the paper every week online as we have for the past 8 years. You can go to our website  and read it in its entirety on the page flipper on our homepage.

We are offering new online only ad rates to clients that are still open for business and are slashing the rates in half from our regular print rate card. These will be offered on a week to week basis and require payment weekly by credit card so nobody has to sign a lengthy contract during these uncertain times and yet they can take advantage of these discounted rates.


We also have banner ads available on the homepage and different pricing for them.

For more information on these rates please email or call Owner/Publisher, Tracy Dietlin, at 760-501-6228.

Last weekend CV Weekly sponsored the 3 day CVCV Virtual Music Fest Live on FB. The brainchild of Derek Jordan Gregg and Jetta King, and hosted and produced by Phil Lacombe of CV Weekly, the event was streamed live on FB from Phacy’s (Phil & Tracy’s home) and all the musicians went live on their own FB pages. The event was a success and the musicians were able to raise some much needed lost funds through their virtual tip jars. Most of all, it brought the music community together for a bit, which we all needed.

We look forward to seeing all of the musicians in the valley doing their own FB live individual and group events. Since we no longer have a reason to publish the Club Crawler for bar and nightlife events, starting next week we will replace that with all of your live streaming events so make sure to reach out to Phil at to let him know when YOU will be going live so we can include it in our new “Virtual Viewing” section of CV Weekly online.

Stay Strong! Stay Healthy! Stay Home! Help Others When You Can! We Love you Coachella Valley!