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The more we stride toward the future, the more we become aware of the importance of self-sustainable living. However, while discussing self-sustainable living we cannot deny that although we are looking to the future, we must likewise turn our gaze to the past and learn more about the self-sustainable habitats of our ancestors. The Biblical statement derived from the book of Ecclesiastes, “There is nothing new under the sun”, blossoms to mind. “Nothing new”, as societally cliché as it may be, most accurately describes the catalyst that permeates throughout our subject matter.

According to proposed historic account, society’s evolution has occurred over many millennia. In each epoch, humans sought to tame and improve habitats in which they dwelt. Be it to keep warm, forgo starvation, and/or to protect family from naturally harsh elements. The familiar pattern is as prevalent during prehistoric times as it is today. Nothing has changed, therefore, “nothing is new under the sun”.  The only distinguishable characteristic that has altered from past-to-present is the technology and tools we implement. These “tools” have undeniably been further defined and redefined overtime so that their mechanical operation has become more efficient and streamlined. Yet still, “there is nothing new under the sun”. What we observe, use, and discard today is the same as it was millennia ago.

This all then begs considerably profound questions, and questions we as humans possessing thoughts, dreams, and emotions, are required to ask of ourselves: “Why have we allowed ourselves to become so dependent? Why is our level of self-sustainability at present so subpar?”

Modern society purportedly enjoys a well-organized, yet vastly and damaging order – to a supposedly tamed chaos. Consider this: There are seven days in one week. Society deems that five of these seven days are portioned for work, and that we should work forty hours per week. Typically, the hours of 7:00 to 8 :00 a.m. are categorized as time for breakfast. Noon to 1:00 p.m. is time for lunch, and 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. is classed as time for dinner. When we work, we are paid a salary. That salary then gets paid to the 130-year-old and aging electrical grid, the water company, the banks [for mortgages], rent to landlords, for food at the grocery store, gas at the gas station, car payment, and so on and so forth. Correct me if I am wrong, but this supposed order, although appearing to be organized at face-value, does not in any way suggest that those who apply said regime are living any form of a self-sustainable existence whatsoever. It’s in fact quite the contrary.

Our distant ancestors, for example, Native Americans. Native Americans lived from the land and cultivated their own communities and existences. They were highly independent, albeit, “self-sustained”. I am almost certain that the now ancient Native American communities never paid bills at the beginning of every month for a mortgage, energy, or food. Perhaps, they paid something to someone along the way – if there was a local tyrant “. But I digress. The reality is that our ancestors of not even three-hundred years ago were self-sustained. They were independent, thrived, and they enjoyed a more contented life due to said self-sustainability.

The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of our lack of self-sustainability.

There are very few things in life more gratifying than planting, harvesting, and consuming your own organic produce. Perhaps you’ve never had the opportunity. Perhaps you recall planting and watching a tomato plant grow as a school project. If you do, then you possess the memory and skill set necessary to replicate its procedure. If you haven’t ever harvested your own crop, it’s never too late to learn how.

Now more than ever with skyrocketing global inflation, jobs, and other natural resources depleting daily it’s a great time to take control and truly become the human you were made and “built” to be. And if you are disabled in any way – you are not precluded from enjoying this basic of human rights. If our modern world has afforded us anything of value, it’s advancement in technology and gadgets and gizmos that assist us with various DIY tasks. If not, there is always someone somewhere, programs in your local community whom you can ask for assistance.

Self-sustainability begins with a realization – Society’s controlled order of work, taxes, utility bills, freeways, highways, byways, and even the way our modern homes and buildings are designed are utterly “unsustainable”.

“Not everyone is a self-starter” – so you have been told over and over until the status quo has enabled you to believe that statement so much that you might find yourself using it as a crutch. If everyone believes that they are not a self-starter and cannot be self-sufficient then everyone will follow along blindly and there is no such thing as “originality” or “game changers”. I want to take a moment to emphatically dispute the “not everyone is a self-starter” statement by saying: Everyone is organically born a self-starter. We all possess self-thought, correct? We are all distinctly different. There is only one of me, and only one of you, and there will never ever be another one of either of us for as long as there is existence.

When a self-sustainable mindset meets construction and design the result is a physical alteration to environment and independence that yields generational satisfaction.

Aside from conceptualizing, constructing, and remodeling mainstream construction, Gee-Ar-Gee Construction Company has embarked upon a mission to create self-sustainable environments. Our first project, slated to be complete by late 2023 to early 2024, is a vast five-acre plateau nestled amidst the gorgeous Joshua Tree Valley. The compound will include solar energy, vegetable and fruit gardens, and other wonderful accoutrements of a self-sustainable environment. As we progress with the compounds construction, we will upload photographs to our website. The Joshua Tree compound will be available for purchase as are its design and build.

If you or someone you know are keen to make the switch to a self-sustainable environment, need its design and construction, or require any other form of construction or remodel, contact
Gee-Ar-Gee Construction Company at: (760) 318-2490

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