We have the power to make tomorrow our world, for our neighbor and for ourselves. For what We want. Go straight ahead with what you believe to be right and beautiful. Don’t let anyone else dictate the outcome for our world. Use your own strength and actions to make it so. Engage your Superpower for tomorrow’s destiny. And…Get Ready To Suit Up!

– Christopher Spellman
Founder/Executive Producer Comic Con Palm Springs

By Rob Simmons

Coruscant: Office of Republic Communications – Today the office of Chancellor for the Republic Senate announces that General Leia Organa, Commander of Resistance forces, former member of the Imperial Senate and Princess of Alderaan passed away this morning at 8:55 Galactic Standard Time, she was 60 years old.


Leia Organa was the adopted daughter of Bail & Breha Organa of the Royal House of Organa from Alderaan, she was preceded in death by her former husband Han Solo and her son Ben Solo.

Selected by her father to represent Alderaan in the Imperial Senate at age 16 Princess Leia began her life in the service of her people which grew to encompass the care of all beings in the known galaxy. Secretly working for the Rebel Alliance, Princess Leia was able to use her position in the senate to funnel information that proved vital in the early days of the Alliance. Tragedy struck as she was forced to watch the destruction of Alderaan by Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader using the Death Star Super Weapon. With the aid of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, the princess was able to escape and make her way to Yavin IV. She then led the Alliance in the destruction of the Emperor’s terror weapon.

She furthered her reputation as leader and commander in the evacuation of Hoth, hard pressed by the Imperial fleet led by Darth Vader, she nonetheless gave the confidence to Rebels to hold off a numerically superior force saving large numbers of men and material and sacrificing herself and her friends to suffer at the hands of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Princess was later part of an expedition to the forest moon of Endor, where she and a select number of Alliance Special Forces with the aid of the moon’s inhabitants destroyed the shield generator protecting the Emperor’s new Death Star. With the destruction of the generator the Alliance fleet was able to destroy the Empire’s newest vehicle of terror, ending the reign of Palpatine and his cohort, Darth Vader.

Following the death of Palpatine and the subsequent loss of power for his Empire, the Princess labored to bring about the reemergence of the Republic. She dedicated herself fully to its establishment, her family and to the rise of the Jedi under the direction of her brother, Luke Skywalker. Her satisfaction for peace and order was to be short lived. Under the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, elements of the Empire, calling themselves ‘the First Order’ began to rearm themselves and adopt an aggressive policy towards the Republic. Frustrated at her inability to rouse the Republic senate to the urgency of this new threat, the Princess with the aid of several long time Alliance leaders formed a resistance, placing themselves between the First Order and the citizens of the Republic. With her promotion to General, Leia Organa frustrated many efforts of the First Order led by General Hux and the Vaderesque figure calling himself ‘Kylo Ren’

With the destruction of the planets and Republic Fleet in the Hosnian System, the Republic was at last awakened to the threat posed by the First Order. Resistance fighters under the command of General Organa raced to destroy the super weapon, while the mission was a military success it came at the cost of many brave pilots and the loss of former Alliance General, Han Solo.

Barely a year has passed away since the destruction of Star Killer base when to our sorrow, General Organa passed away. We will mourn the loss of her leadership and bravery in the days to come as we face a new threat that we are ill-prepared to confront. With her example of determination and iron will, there is a new hope within us to drive the First Order and the remnants of Palpatine’s Empire onto the trash heaps of history. May the Force be with Us!