Green Relief, Inc., a Southern California-based company that specializes in the production of CBD, is proud to announce that it will be working directly with Holistic Caring™ to create a medical doorway to cannabis for patients and providers throughout the state of California.

Green Relief, Inc. has been working with patients and customers for more than a decade to source and produce top medicinal products. This includes its executive team which features one of California’s most experienced industry personalities with 40 years of cannabis research and development.

“Our mission is to consistently produce top quality medicinal products,” said Ronald D. Brazil, founder and chief cannabis officer for Green Relief, Inc.


Known for its reliability and product quality, Green Relief, Inc. has partnered with Holistic Caring™, the San Diego-based network that bridges the gap between traditional and cannabinoid medicine through educational systems to support patients and medical providers throughout California with custom-designed natural medicine.

“We want to help as many people as we possibly can and working with Holistic Caring allows us to do even more,” said Mark A. Thomas, president of Green Relief, Inc. “Our proprietary production methodology offers custom-blended tinctures for adults who want to take charge of their health and wellness. These products offer all of us stronger self-care.”

Holistic Caring™ has an integrated delivery system for medical cannabis patients, providers and products. Their team trains health care professionals to remove the stigma, ignorance and fear and replace them with knowledge, professional protocols, integrity and support. A true “medical door” is set to emerge as Holistic Caring™ will provide the education and expertise on the use of cannabis for healing while Green Relief, Inc. will provide a high-quality product that people can trust.

“We know that Green Relief makes an incredible product line and I believe that their tinctures are the best in the market,” said Elisabeth Mack, Holistic Caring™ founder and CEO. “They’re helping to improve the quality of life for our patients and we’re excited to partner with them to share the benefits of incorporating cannabinoid medicine into daily living.”

Holistic Caring™ offers a tool kit of solutions including telemedicine nurse lines for patients, and a curriculum for providers to become a certified cannabis health coach. They developed these tools to expand the pool of experts in cannabinoid medicine, so patients can safely follow a plan supported by holistic health practitioners. The ultimate goal is to support those who see the bigger picture in expanding health care options.

Green Relief, Inc., having a non-storefront delivery license, will be able to deliver its custom-made products to patients ages 21+ throughout the state of California. The Coachella Valley, Orange County and San Diego will be among the initial primary markets with bandwidth to deliver anywhere in Southern California and beyond. They are now building their new, licensed manufacturing facility with expanded capacity in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. which is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2021.

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About Green Relief, Inc.

Founded by Ronald D. Brazil, Green Relief, Inc. has been operating in the medical cannabis space since 2009. Known for its high-quality products, the company has applied for patents on its proprietary methodology to customize tinctures for patients and health care providers. For more information on Green Relief, Inc., visit or call 612-817-9497.

About Holistic Caring™

Started in 2016, Holistic Caring™ provides the educational process and programs needed to care for patients and train health professionals. Providers then serve their patients, guiding them to effectively use medicinal formulations, thus creating a CBD Health Ecosystem. By offering knowledge to educate CBD health coaches, Holistic Caring™ advocates for empowered health care options for patients with more effective outcomes. For more information on Holistic Caring™, please visit, call 619-880-5135 or follow on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Alignable.