By Nadia Popova

Halloween is fast approaching. Every year this holiday marks the start of the full holiday season and the possibility (a lot of times more often we would hope) the beginning of unhealthy habits and unwanted weight gain.

Have you ever tried finding a Halloween routine that works to better your health so you can stay fit and go through the season safer?

Here are some tips from me:


Walk more, Drive less.

Simply adding more walking in your own neighborhood creates so much more movement and burns additional calories. It will give you plenty of exercise as well — a win for this usually unhealthy-themed night.

Eating a healthy meal Before Trick-or-Treating or Halloween Parties is an awesome idea!

If you’re out trick-or-treating with your kids or plan on attending a Halloween party, it can be tempting to snack on everything in sight. Make sure to eat before heading out for the night so you are less likely to over eat sweets or choose the unhealthy options. Make sure you eat Whole Foods and Reach in Nutrition Meal!

Go for the mini versions. Here is why.

When you choose to by Halloween candy in mini versions it creates a feeling of diversity. You mind thinks you have “many” choices which is great but the mini sizes would keep you safe from eating big quantities.

I personally love Snickers and peanut M&Ms, and definitely allow myself to enjoy a few of those over the course of the Halloween season.

Keeping all in moderation is the key.

How many of you had Halloweens in the past when you woke up 7 days later with 10 lbs weight gain? I think we all had that experience at least once!

Halloween is a great time to practice moderation. Keep track of your kids’ candy so they don’t go overboard in one sitting. Let them pick out a few treats on Halloween night and then let them have a few pieces each day after that.


If Halloween is a big thing in your family and children, then enjoy an evening of treats. In moderation. Have fun with it!  Feel no guilt and go back to eating like a reasonable human tomorrow. Yes, everything is in moderation!

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Happy Halloween 🎃