June is Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Month!

By Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

It is important to take precautions to ensure that viruses like COVID-19, Flu or other strains are not passed from person to person while maintaining our immune system. While we cannot avoid every germ, there are initiative-taking ways to boost your immune system to help prevent getting ill. Here are some tips:

Eat your fruits and veggies – and protein, too!

Since childhood it was instilled in us to eat our fruits and vegetables. Foods like strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, and citrus, helps immune system cells function efficiently. Vitamin A helps keep tissues in the mouth, intestines, and respiratory tract healthy, and is found in sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots and cantaloupe. Fruit also is a great snack to help you stay cool in the summer months.


Go a Little Nutty!

Nuts’ fiber and protein will have you feeling full longer, and can keep you from munching on lower-quality calories later. They’re packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation, and vitamin E, which may help prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Just remember portion control, as nuts are still a calorie-dense food.

Drink plenty of fluids

Along with eating properly for your health – includes drinking plenty of water. In fact, one study found that staying hydrated may boost an immune response to enable your body to better fight viruses. Drink a lot of fluids, especially water, and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Pour some sugar on NOTHING!

Sugar is devastating on the immune system, and the fact that Americans consume an average of 2-3 pounds of sugar per person every year is unwelcome news to fight off colds and flu. Avoid sugar at all costs!


Exercise not only makes you feel good, your personal and professional life improves. It also boosts your immune system. It also keeps you staying lean and is good for your heart.

Wash, rinse, repeat!

We all need to stay away from people that are ill. Make sure you wash/sanitize your hands often.

Got rest?

Studies have found that getting enough sleep is essential for healthy immune function and that insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality is associated with lowered immune function.

Follow these tips to boost your immune system and to help you stay fit. Be consistent, and make sure to take care of yourself and eat your fruits and vegetables!

For more information on Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition month, check here: https://lnkd.in/gT4vAAh