By Elizabeth Scarcella

A very common human phenomenon is that feeling of “knowing” a stranger when meeting for the first time. Some call it deja vu. Others say it’s a coincidence. Still others argue that the stranger they “know” has similar characteristics of a loved one and that’s why it feels so familiar. As for me, I have a whole different opinion; one that might be radical to you. Ready? I believe that the “knowing”; the familiarity you experience is due to being part of a Collective Whole. I believe that all of our souls are swirling together in some non-physical “bank”….and that’s why we KNOW each other…because on a soul level…we actually do.

In the book, Gratitude + Forgiveness x Love = Happiness, Aimee, Mosco, the author and my Soul Partner, writes this, “We tend to identify ourselves as individuals, but we learn most profoundly when we engage with others. This is because, on a higher level, souls operate as a collective. We have specific goals to meet as part of the collective but whatever we learn as an individual speaks to the progression of all souls.” (pg. 6)

It’s been said many times before….from scripture in the Bible, to lessons in elementary school to corporate board meetings, “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.” We know that when we work together, more is achieved and the synergy created is magical.


The corollary I am suggesting is this…what if we are working together for the betterment of the Whole…even when we aren’t consciously aware of it? What if our souls are searching to reunite us with those that we have known before, in a different space and time? This may sound very woo-woo to you. I can bet though that this has happened to you.

Allow me to illustrate a story. Upon moving to Coachella Valley, I met a man (Bryan) at a networking event that I was hosting. Minutes after we met, he told me that he wanted me to meet a friend of his. Of course I was game for this as I barely knew anyone in town, let alone someone that was deeply spiritual. I was amazed when Bryan texted this female friend on the spot and asked when the three of us could meet. She immediately replied and we arranged to meet the very next day. When she (Aimee) walked into the coffee shop, my body stood me up. It felt like it was involuntary. Now, I did not know what Aimee looked like…but I felt implored to stand to greet her, not even knowing if this was the woman I was to meet with Bryan. When she finally approached the table, I was awestruck by her beauty and light. We instantly embraced and I began to cry. “Why in the world am I crying?” I wondered. It was a Homecoming for me. The conscious part of me was confused, but my soul knew exactly what was happening. Aimee and I had “arranged” with Bryan’s assistance to reunite. Our souls met in the Collective and made this meeting happen. From that moment on, Aimee and I knew we have lots of work to do to help Humanity unify and heal. We both have done healing work on our own, yet, now we must work together.

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