By Bronwyn Ison

I used to feel guilty for taking care of myself until I learned a few things. Giving to others comes naturally to me and I love helping others feel good about themselves.  It wasn’t until some deep soul diving, I realized, I wasn’t truly taking the best care of me.  Do you feel guilty when you do something nice for yourself?  Or, spend more time doing something that you know you need to do but you put it off because you fear what others may think of you? It’s likely you have felt this way.  I’m here to share… if you’re not giving to yourself… this is your year. 

I’d like to think the New Year has nothing to do with your wanting to get in shape, eat healthier, spend more time with family, etc.  I’m hopeful you realize the time is now.  When it comes to relationships, it’s vitally important to have a strong and healthy relationship with yourself, as this is a natural foundation for all friendships. 

Let’s not confuse self-love or taking care of yourself with arrogance or being egotistical.  We do not want to have a mistaken identity.  Nor does it mean you take care of you first at the expense of others.  It’s also not about taking care of number one. Actually, it’s more like taking care of you so you may better take care of others.


Self-love is kindness and respect for yourself. Knowing your boundaries, honoring them, and teaching others how you care to be treated. It’s about looking after your mind (thoughts are powerful), body (exercising & eating healthy), and spirit (delving into prayer, mediation, whatever makes you feel calm, satisfied and good in spirit). 

It’s important to stay present to each experience.  There is so much you could miss if you’re not in the moment. Do what brings you energy… big and small.  I recall many times compromising myself and feeling absolutely drained. Do what feeds your soul with goodness.  Establish boundaries with the people in your life.  They will respect you more in the long run.  Lastly… choose to swim.  You have a choice to swim towards the surface or let yourself drown. 

There is nothing wrong with taking care of you. Think about it… if you won’t … who will?

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga and online yoga classes.  760-564-YOGA