By Rachel Montoya

Henry’s Original cannabis hails from clean green certified greenhouse farmers in Mendocino County. Found in over 250 dispensaries throughout California, the company prides themselves on being grassroots, affordable, and authentic. During the week you can find Community Manager Sarah or Territory Manager Michelle at a number of dispensaries offering deals and education throughout the Coachella Valley.

Offering 8th jars in THC and CBD options, 2g full flower pre-roll packs, and 1g single prerolls, their clean green certification validates that no systemic pesticides, systemic fungicides, or inorganic nutrients were used in the growing process of their flower. This creates a noticeable difference during the consumption of this product. I caught up with Territory Manager Michelle to discuss more about Henry’s Original.

CV: How did you get started with Henry’s Original?


Michelle: “I applied for a brand ambassador position before Prop 64 went into effect in 2018 and they immediately recognized my capabilities and brought me on instead to grow and manage the entire Coachella Valley. It’s been an amazing ride full of fantastic relationships with both dispensaries and consumers. Our team is a true family and is always a text or phone call away to offer support and encouragement throughout the process.”

CV: What do you love the most about Henry’s Original?

Michelle: “I really admire our desire to be problem solvers. The industry is unpredictable, ever-changing, and truly wild. Being flexible and oriented to expect shifts daily or even hourly is really necessary. As far as our product goes, I love how consistent our flower is. Although we have new strains introduced to our menu monthly, our clean green certification makes sure that quality is the utmost importance to our brand identity.”

CV: Have you been to Mendocino and seen your farms?

Michelle: “Yes I have and I am so excited to be returning at the end of this month. Since my last visit we have expanded greatly and I am very eager to see our new greenhouses and production spaces. Not only that, but Mendocino is truly beautiful. We grow in Laytonville and it’s such a magical place. I think that really influences the quality of our flower, to be in such a truly breathtaking natural environment.”

CV: What is your favorite product?

Michelle: “My favorite 8th currently would have to be Lemon Cake which is a sativa. Lemon Cake is genetically Lemon Skunk crossed with Cheese and has high levels of beta caryophyllene which is a terpene that encourages anti-anxiety. It also has 3.5mg of CBD which makes it a perfect daytime wellness smoke.”

CV: Where can Henry’s Original be found in the Coachella Valley?

Michelle: “This upcoming week you can head to the following dispensaries to catch myself or our Community Manager Sarah for more information and exclusive deals,

Wednesday the 17 —

11-2pm West Coast Cannabis Club, Cathedral City,

12-3pm Royal Highness, Palm Desert

3-6pm IVTHC, Desert Hot Springs

Thursday the 18th —

3-6pm Joy of Life Wellness, Palm Springs (Every Thursday!!)

7-10pm Desert’s Finest, Desert Hot Springs

Friday the 19th —

12-3pm Atomic Budz, Cathedral City

7-10pm The Microbuddery, Desert Hot Springs

Saturday the 20th —

8am-11am Dank Depot, Cathedral City

11am-2pm Joy of Life Wellness, Palm Springs

1-4pm Desert’s Finest, Desert Hot Springs

3-6pm West Coast Cannabis Club, Cathedral City

5-8pm The 420 Lounge, Palm Springs

7-10pm West Coast Cannabis Club, Palm Desert

More times and dates TBA. Follow us on IG at @HenrysOriginal to keep up with our in store events throughout California.