With the holidays upon us the scams and thefts will increase. I thought I would share some of the emails I have received on scams and thefts.

Q: I just got a call from someone saying they were a court official and that I failed to show for jury duty and an arrest warrant has been issued for me. Is this legit?
A. No……when you are called for jury duty you will receive a notification in the mail from the jury commissioner. This is a scam. Sometimes they even ask you for a credit card number so they can process the cancellation. If you give out any information then your identity has just been stolen.

Q: I have received two emails in the last year purporting to be a relative or friend who has just had his wallet stolen in Europe and was contacting me for money to get back to the US. How do we know if this is legit?
A. This is another scam. Anyone can set up a phony email account to contact you and pretend to be a friend or relative IN NEED. Be cautious when someone asks you for money via email.

Q: Is it ok to put my home address on my luggage tags?
A. No. You should remove your old airline tags from your bags and never list your home address on your luggage. Use your office address. Listing your home address makes it easy for the bad guys to learn you are not home and allow them to burglarize your home.


Q: Do you recommend signing the back of your credit card?
A. There is pro and con on this issue. I personally write on all my credit cards to ASK FOR ID. That way if they are lost or stolen the bad guys will not have additional ID to be able to prove they are you and the merchant will not take the card. I also suggest that you make a copy of all your credit cards. Put them all on the copier and make a few copies in addition to putting the info in your contact list in your computer.

Q: What should I do if my credit card is ever stolen?
A. If you think you are the victim of ID Theft then cancel your credit cards ASAP and place a fraud alert on them and then call the police to make a report. Then you need to report a Potential ID Theft to:
Equifax 1-800 525 6285; for fraud alert 888 766 0008
Experian (formerly TRW) 1-888 397 3742 for fraud alert
Trans Union 1-800 680 7289 for fraud alert
Social Security Administration (fraud line) 1-800 269 0271

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