By Aimee Mosco

“The simple truth is that we naturally cultivate wisdom through the act of living. So, regardless of whether or not you have a formal education, have traveled the world or stayed put in your own backyard, dined with dignitaries or gone hungry, you have effectively developed your own brand of wisdom.” – Daily Agreements, Guidelines & Intentions by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, page 39.

It is said that each of us serves as our own worst critic. We are quick to point out what we perceive to be our short comings and failures, and we tend to avert any acknowledgment of the wisdom we have gained. It can be difficult to break a habit born of a common practice, but as the world changes around us and humanity moves to the higher ground of the new era, old habits that relate to dishonoring the wisdom we have cultivated have got to go!

If you have lived on this planet for more than five minutes, you have integrated a unique story. When you live out a story, your subconscious mind records the details and banks them in your memories so you can revisit the story at will. As you reflect on your stories at different times, and from different perspectives, you cash in on growth opportunities. With growth comes wisdom.


It is easy to revisit your stories and identify what you perceive to be mistakes. You can choose to focus on those “mistakes”, beat yourself up for them and believe you have moved your game piece backwards on the board, or you can view the whole experience as rich with opportunity for growth. This is not to say that there is no place for regret or remorse, particularly if your actions hurt another person, but you will honor yourself and others in a more profound way if you choose to identify the growth and wisdom that came from the event as you revisit the memory of it.

The perspective you choose to exercise holds the key to the growth you achieve as a result of your experiences. When you make a pact with yourself to connect with the highest possible perspective in any situation, you may find that you are more easily able to identify opportunities that allow you to shine your light even brighter. When you knowingly apply and share the wisdom you have cultivated from your memories, you are honoring not just yourself, but you are honoring anyone else with whom you share the fruits of your memories.

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