Brain Vat Album Release ‘MULTIVERSE’

Aboleth and Sleazy Cortez to support

By Noe Gutierrez

Happy New Year 2018 from Arthur Seay, The Hood and Desert Music!

House of Broken Promises, Brain Vat, Aboleth and Sleazy Cortez will be performing at The Hood Bar & Pizza on Saturday, January 6, 2018 for a token $5 admission fee. HOBP will be celebrating the release of their EP TWISTED as well as showing the premiere of their first single and video from the EP for “TORANADO.”

Also commemorating new music is Brain Vat, who recently dropped the full-length album MULTIVERSE. Both bands will be performing full sets with support from Seay’s friends Aboleth and Sleazy Cortez. You can find MULTIVERSE on iTunes, Spotify, and all other digital music outlets.


What’s more, we will be celebrating Arthur Seay’s birthday on this night. Hosting the evening will be Seay himself as well as the Moderator of Metal, Phil Lacombe, of Coachella Valley Weekly and Mystic Avalanche Entertainment.

DJ Arty Love will be spinning metal in the main room and DJ streetdrugsdtla out on The Hood courtyard.

HOBP just returned from a highly successful European tour that saw them annihilate countries like Italy and Belgium. Mike Cancino, drummer for HOBP exclaimed, “We are international!” Our “homeboys” are ready to rock their homecoming show.

HOBP will have 12 inch vinyl records and CDs for sale as well as a new T-shirt design for this show.


Based out of Los Angeles, the aberration that is Aboleth is epic fuzz, stoner doom metal from the high California desert. Their brand of heavy desert rock will be displayed to support HOBP and Brain Vat’s releases.

In Dungeons & Dragons ‘aboleths’ are some of the most ancient beings in existence. They are a fictitious race of sinister, eel-like oddities with paranormal abilities. After listening intently to their ‘Ep-I Single’ which includes the varying tunes, “No Good,” “Corpsehunter” and “Captain Cheese,” their sound is beyond their years and parallel’s the aboleth characterization. I hear southern slide blues, a lot of fuzz, a strong drum presence, soaring vocals over the top of the tuned down guitars. It’s the perfect melding of heavy music and tragic melodic vocals that bring the synthesis of Janis Joplin and Ronnie James Dio to mind.

Instagram: @abolethband

Vocals: Brigitte Roka

Baguitar: Collyn McCoy

SLEAZY CORTEZ is Derek Timmons on bass/voice, Damian Garcia on drums and Nick Hales on guitar.  Coachella Valley Weekly spoke with Sleazy Cortez bassist and vocalist Derek Wade Timmons.

CVW: Who are you and where are you from?

DWT: “I also play in Death In Pretty Wrapping and am a former member of Robotic Humans, Town Troubles and The Monopoly. I’m a Midwest transplant and desert rock nerd. I love old country, funk, and ‘merica.”

CVW: Sleazy Cortez sounds like a dingy, dark and seedy Mexican taqueria. Where do you guys eat your tacos?

DWT: “Filthy McNasty’s, a little joint in TJ where we once were employed in a month-long residence, playing three hour sets every night, getting paid in tacos and Sol Chavelas. Also Del Taco, El Mexicali Cafe II.”

CVW: Describe the Sleazy Cortez sound.

DWT: “Bang your head slow, with a funky jerk.  If Grand Funk and 70’s ZZ Top had a baby where the mom drank too much while pregnant, but did pipe some Primus into the womb.”

CVW: What makes making music in the desert different than any other part of the world?

DWT: “An overabundance of talented and creative musicians. Plus that Snowbird Golf Course Sound.”

CVW: What’s coming up for Sleazy?

DWT: “Bargain bin lo-fi cd-r’s, The Piss Drunk Punk EP, more shows, and bloating our three-piece performance to a laser-light fueled amalgam of backing tapes and go-go dancers. Also I’ve  been working on my bass player joke routine.”

CVW: What does 2018 mean to you?

DWT: “In the Mayan calendar, 2018 is the Year of The Lot Lizard.”

This show bolsters the belief that heavy, hard and metal music remains alive in the Coachella Valley. These musicians are happy with what they are doing and pursuing something they love. Come experience the passion of their performance. A thriving scene requires the support of its community. We look forward to seeing you there!