Following the advice that I have shared with many of you over the years, I’m still Keeping it Keto (over 3 1/2 years ) — even while living with NO kitchen.  You heard that right.  I’m in an Airbnb right now that I love because it’s just 2 miles from the beach!   We chose it for the location…but there is no kitchen 🙂

So, I’m navigating Keto while dining out and traveling for months at a time.   But it hit me as I do this (Me, the foodie and hobby chef!), as the country is re-opening and more people are traveling/dining out, that being keto should not present huge challenges even to those living restaurant-to-restaurant!

You can navigate this lifestyle and “Keep it Keto” no matter what!  Right now, I have a client who is staring down thyroid cancer and is doing auto-immune Keto to heal.  We are doing this together…. along with the support of her doctor.   Another client just hit her 60-pound mark and she reached out and we worked her through a stall. There have been so many miracles because of Keto so it’s important to find a way to do it…no matter what!


Everyone’s Keto is different and that’s why customization matters.  There simply isn’t a one-size-fits all keto and that’s where I can help anyone living the Keto lifestyle the most…on the go…on a budget…or anytime.  If you are struggling to keep it Keto, you may find some of these apply to you on your Keto journey:

…. are you having problems sticking to the keto diet

….do you keep losing and regaining the same five pounds

…do you still crave desserts, even keto ones? (and indulging too often)

… do you still struggle to figure out what to eat to keep Keto interesting

….do you feel overwhelmed by carbs and give into “carb temptation” over and over again

…. would you love a keto community to share tips, hacks and recipes?

…. would you love having access to a keto expert, in THOSE moments when you need customized, nuanced guidance?

…. Would you love support because you’ve started “cheating” a little more often, and want to have a container to help you get back to the Keto you love?

…. are you facing a food allergy or health challenge that is affecting your Keto favorites and need expert guidance for navigating it?

Here’s are a few of my personal experiences with Keeping it Keto and I have many more diet hacks and tips I’d be willing to share.

Always Be Prepared. By planning ahead, you won’t even be tempted and won’t get caught with your Keto pants down!

Intermittent Fasting. Fast between meals and boost your ketone production.  Easy Peasy!

Eating out. Restaurant dining is a key part of staying Keto.  Here are a few quick tips to help you have confidence while eating out.  Always tell your waiter you have food allergies (rather than explaining the low carb/Keto thing.  They will want to please you and keep you healthy):

  • Opt for double veggies instead of bread or potatoes
  • Choose water or straight spirits instead of beer and wine
  • Prioritize protein and fat before other foods
  • Ask for “lettuce wraps” instead of buns
  • Always ask for butter and olive oil
  • Get a side of avocado
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what ingredients are in foods or ask for substitutes

What about Cheating?  I allow myself one or two meals a month to cheat and not exceed 75 carbs in one meal.  I commit to getting right back on the Keto Train the next day and space it out for at least 2 weeks before I have another cheat meal.   For example, one evening Indian food was tempting me.  I decided on the garlic naan bread, no rice, butter chicken and a spinach saag.  It was satisfying and delicious and met my goals I set for myself.  I got right back into ketosis the next day.

A little preparation goes a long way with Keeping It Keto.  You won’t be obsessing about food, or macros, or battling temptations.  It will become second nature when dining out, fasting or packing Keto friendly snacks if traveling.  You’ll find a way to stick with your goals no matter what.

Still unsure about how to “Keep it Keto”? Set up a free 30-minute consultation with me at and let’s talk all about Keto and find a solution for you.

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